NetSuite Inventory and Order Management Modules

NetSuite modules were created to add every single business functionality needed to your cloud software setup. 

Today, our focus is on NetSuite's inventory and order management modules. 

They provide a single source of real-time data on your inventory numbers. Capable of combining data from multiple locations, retail types, and warehouses, these modules will reduce operating costs and increase profits. 

What are NetSuite's Order & Inventory Management Modules?  

The NetSuite order management module automates the ordering process from start to finish. 

From order promising to allocation and execution, every single step of accepting and fulfilling an order is fully optimized. It also includes multichannel order management, which connects whatever retail or fulfillment locations you have, whether it's a physical retail store or dropshipping. 

When you streamline order management, you're able to deliver an exceptional customer experience while keeping your fulfillment and labor costs low. 

How Much Does NetSuite Inventory & Order Management Cost? 

The price of NetSuite's inventory and order management modules depends on a few factors: 

  • How many NetSuite users will need access 
  • Which modules you want to include 
  • Any additional customizations 

That said, the full cost of NetSuite (in addition to the module) is based on an annual license fee, the number of users you need, and any other modules or NetSuite customizations you might want to add on. For example, if you're using NetSuite's inventory and order management modules, you'll probably also love the Commerce Management Modules. 

Here's What NetSuite's Inventory & Order Management Modules Include 

NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management

Have you ever felt like your inventory needs to be organized better? Or you've fallen behind on orders simply because your inventory system can't keep up? What about wishing you could save money on shipping costs? 

With NetSuite's advanced inventory management module, you'll never have to worry about that again! 

Here are a few features of NetSuite's inventory management: 

  • Automated inventory tracking. No more spreadsheets or inaccurate record keeping; NetSuite can easily track inventory throughout many different locations. NetSuite will send automatic alerts to purchasing managers when stock needs to be replenished, save money on shipping by optimizing routes, and streamline inventory tracing. 
  • Real-time, multi-location inventory visibility. NetSuite tracks all of your inventory in real-time, so you never have to wonder. You'll be able to see data from any type of fulfillment or retail location, including drop shippers, retail stores, warehouses, pop-up shops, and 3PLs.
  • Only stock the inventory you need. NetSuite uses demand-based planning to help you optimize inventory levels. By analyzing historical demand, sales forecasts, and any seasonality, you can rest assured you'll always have proper stock levels. 

NetSuite Advanced Order Management 

NetSuite's advanced order management module aims to help you deliver the absolute best customer experience. Through multichannel order management, your customers can purchase, pick up, and return their orders anywhere! 

NetSuite's advanced order management module includes: 

  • Cross-channel ordering. From order capture to customer communication and fulfillment, NetSuite will automate and optimize your order lifecycle. Do you have complex workflows, like separate shipments? Dropshipping? Or even personalized products? It's no problem for NetSuite. Your orders will be fulfilled smoothly and in the most profitable way possible. 
  • Endless aisles and dropshipping. This NetSuite module includes an automated, end-to-end, drop-ship fulfillment process. It helps you manage an influx of inventory without the need for a larger warehouse space or more warehouse staff. 
  • Top-notch customer service. Customer service is everything, especially when it comes to online shopping. Because NetSuite always contains real-time data, your employees will have everything they need to answer customers' questions. This includes current inventory numbers, issues with their order, or even placing orders for them. 

Grid Order Management

Do you handle multi-attribute SKUS? NetSuite's grid order management makes order entry and management of multi-attribute SKUs a breeze. 

With grid order management, you'll be able to: 

  • Create custom grid print templates and assign them to specific transactions.
  • Use Grid Order Entry for sales orders, purchase orders, transfer orders, and quotes. 
  • Use Bulk Grid Printing to print multiple transaction records using grid print templates. 

Need Help Streamlining Order Management & Inventory? 

If you want to learn more about this NetSuite module, contact us today for a FREE consultation! We can give you an overview of how this NetSuite Module can help your business. 

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