A Guide to NetSuite's HR Module: SuitePeople

NetSuite comes with some basic HR functionalities. However, if you want to take your HR management to the next level, you're going to need NetSuite's HR module — SuitePeople. 

SuitePeople centralizes employee records, making human resource management easy and efficient. This NetSuite module increases the accuracy of your company's data and helps you align your workforce with business performance by streamlining human resources, finances, and payroll. 

Learn more about what SuitePeople is and what it includes from our NetSuite experts.

What is NetSuite's HR Module? 

NetSuite Dashboard

NetSuite's HR module, SuitePeople, gives companies complete control of their core HR processes. It's an add-on module that boosts the capabilities of the human resources team and gives employees more control of their information.  

In short, it's a powerful module you can ask your NetSuite Solution Provider to add on to NetSuite if you want to boost HR capabilities (or if you want NetSuite to manage every aspect of your business!). 

Benefits of SuitePeople

SuitePeople puts HR, financial data, and payroll information in one place, giving your company clear visibility into how changes in your workforce can impact financial performance. 

NetSuite Payroll

Overall, it lowers the company's cost to run payroll, improves HR management, gives employees more autonomy, and boosts workforce performance. 

It helps HR by: 

  • Streamlining employee information 
  • Assisting with the new hire process 
  • Making employee onboarding easier 
  • Automating payroll 
  • Helping with promotions and compensation changes 
  • Making it easy to monitor new hires

It helps employees and managers by: 

  • Making it easy to request time off 
  • Allowing them to update their information, initiate promotions, or view time-off balances
  • Providing easy access to team directories and organization charts 
  • Helping them navigate their onboarding checklist

How Much Does NetSuite SuitePeople Cost? 

The cost for SuitePeople depends on your core NetSuite license and the features you need. Just like the price for NetSuite, the cost of SuitePeople isn't a fixed number. 

If you're looking for specific pricing information, contact us today so we can give you an idea of what the SuitePeople module might cost for your company. 

Here's What SuitePeople Includes  

From real-time dashboards with HR KPIs to a comprehensive employee management center, SuitePeople includes every functionality your company could possibly need to streamline HR processes. 

NetSuite Employee Center

Insightful People Analytics 

It's common for companies to have issues trusting HR data — it usually comes from multiple sources, isn't structured the best way, and is too time-consuming to organize. Luckily, SuitePeople solves all of those problems and more. 

NetSuite SuitePeople for HR Organizations

You'll gain meaningful HR insights including sales per active employee, revenue per active employee, expenses per active employee, and turnover rate. With centralized HR data, managers can make data-informed decisions. 

Payroll Management 

SuitePeople includes full-service payroll management that automates payroll processes, making it easier than ever before. 

Here are some of SuitePeople's key payroll features:

  • Integration of NetSuite's HR and financial modules 
  • Calculated gross-to-net earnings 
  • Direct deposits, with printed checks available if needed
  • Withholding mandatory taxes 
  • Automatically files taxes
  • Compliant in all U.S. states and local jurisdictions 
  • Deducting benefits 
  • Scheduling and issuing payments
  • Real-time general ledger 
  • Monthly headcount trends by employee department, location, or subsidiary 
  • Generates year-end W2 and ACA reporting

Workforce Engagement 

The Employee Center provides a place for employees and managers to take action without relying on HR staff, including: 

  • Updating their home address 
  • Adding bank account information 
  • Viewing time off balances, benefits, compensation, and onboarding tasks 
  • Monitoring goal progress 
  • Viewing copies of their paychecks 
  • Viewing expense reports  
  • Requesting time off 
  • Giving recognition to fellow employees 
  • Access employee directories and organizational charts 
  • Managers can initiate promotions and transfers 
  • Managers can approve time off requests

Simplified Workforce Management 

SuitePeople's workforce management component helps managers enhance efficiencies through visual shift scheduling, digital time tracking, and automating simple tasks. 

Capabilities include:

  • Easily view employee profiles and directories
  • Create onboarding checklists, which will be visible to each employee in their dashboards
  • View a visual timeline for each employee, including development opportunities and history  
  • Creating job paths with descriptions, salary ranges, or hourly compensation 
  • Shift scheduling with a visual scheduling tool 
  • Digital time tracking, with a mobile app employees can use to clock in and out 
  • Labor forecasting tools that help managers optimize staffing and scheduling  
  • Determine whether you're under-staffed (or over-staffed) to maximize company resources  
  • Automated wage calculation 
  • Offboarding checklists to ensure everything is completed before an employee leaves permanently 

Interested in Seeing What SuitePeople Has to Offer? 

Whether you're looking to add SuitePeople to your existing NetSuite setup or need help with a brand new NetSuite implementation, you can leave it to our team of NetSuite-certified experts! 

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