Whether you are the type to take your car back to the dealer to have the new tags put on, or you are the DIY oil change type, there’s usually a time at which you might turn to a professional mechanic to help you with your vehicular needs.  

The same could be said of software--some people are the type to call for help with each new procedure, others would rather “tinker under the hood.”  Oracle + NetSuite is a business software solution that allows for all the tinkering you wish to do, even in-house application development, if you choose.  Still, there might be a few scenarios where it is good to get some outside input.

Here are three scenarios where calling upon a NetSuite professional could be a good idea.

Situation 1: Repetitive Tasks

Some people do well with mind-numbing repetition and the workplace equivalent of busy work, but most employees would rather not have to repeat the same task in multiple places.  Tasks that feel unnecessarily repetitive, multi-stepped or unnecessarily complex can make work frustrating and feel meaningless.

In fact, employees who feel valued, in control of their own work, and like their days are productive (not much wasted time), report higher levels of workplace satisfaction.

So rather than to face bored, disgruntled employees, it may help to call in a pair of outside eyes--a NetSuite professional.

NetSuite ERP business software experts look for ways to make work more streamlined, less repetitive--solutions that work for you, instead of slowing you down.

Situation 2: Using Multiple Software Solutions

Sometimes new software gets installed and you make a surprising discovery--employees are using it, but also still using old, additional, outside software.  What is the point of new computing solutions if you are now just doing additional work in multiple places?

In the case of multiple software solutions, it often boils down to one of these scenarios:

  • Not knowing that the feature is available in NetSuite (lack of training)
  • Not knowing how to do a task in NetSuite (also lack of training)
  • Not having the application needed for a task in NetSuite (lack of a NetSuite feature)

Fortunately, these situations are easily remedied with either additional applications to the NetSuite package (which are fully customizable to your business needs), or additional training to employees.

In such situations, it may be a good idea to call a NetSuite professional.

Situation 3: In Need of Additional Expertise

Speaking of additional training, getting the training to make the most out of business software solutions, such as NetSuite, is vital to business operations.  Trained employees are empowered to make the most out of their workplace tools.  They spend less time gathering or reporting data, and more time acting upon that data to serve your customers and clients to the fullest.

Anytime you have the sensation that your team is not able to make the most out of their NetSuite software experience, it’s a great time to call a NetSuite expert.  A NetSuite professional can:

  • Help you identify the tools and features you need most,
  • Help you make the most out of the tools and features available to you,
  • Provide recommendations or access to additional tools or applications for your needs,
  • Provide the custom development some businesses require, building upon the power cloud computing software platform of NetSuite to a fully customized experience.

A NetSuite professional can help you reach the next level of performance in the cloud.

Give Us a Call

At SCS Cloud, we want to partner with you in your long-term success.  We can help you get started with NetSuite, but also provide the additional expertise you may desire in the future to expand your NetSuite toolbox.  

Give us a call to see what we can do for you. 

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