In 1998 NetSuite was the world’s first cloud-computing company -- now everyone from Amazon to Microsoft is racing to the cloud! 

Then, in 2016 Oracle acquired NetSuite; Oracle is one of the top 10 largest tech companies in the world. 

Some feared a massive overhaul of what NetSuite does best--providing its customers, of any size, with scalable cloud-computing business solutions. Instead, NetSuite kept its executives and innovators, while getting an influx of capital to expand across the globe.

Now, nearly two years after the acquisition, NetSuite and Oracle are joining forces in a totally new and innovative way--by making OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) available to NetSuite customers.

Here’s what NetSuite + OCI means for you.

Offering the OCI

Oracle brought more than capital to the deal with NetSuite. As database experts and software developers, Oracle has a long history of innovation and cross-platform tech success. 

Started in the 1970’s, Oracle has survived and thrived through such technologies as PC’s, the internet, the dotcom boom and bust, the invention of the smartphone and countless changes in global expansion and infrastructure.

Without “messing with a good thing,” which is the ERP/CRM solutions within the NetSuite suite of applications, Oracle brings their technology ecosystem which will now be seamlessly available to NetSuite. Suddenly, this infrastructure brings:

  • Global networking - Oracle customers are in 175 countries, with infrastructure around the world and huge, ongoing investments in framework and infrastructure.
  • On-demand additional computing power - Oracle’s elastic computing allows for efficient, reliable and secure computing as needed with zero lag time.
  • Database systems and storage - Global leaders in data storage and retrieval, Oracle’s data centers will now integrate through the cloud with NetSuite.
  • World-class uptime - With OCI NetSuite customers get access to Oracle continuity of service, built-in resilience and world-class API (application programming interface).
  • Developers and innovation - Thousands of Oracle developers and operations personnel already work on the OCI platform, and now NetSuite is part of the family.

Oracle’s infrastructure was built for database and java-based functionality, compatible with even the most demanding workloads. That means that adapting to carry NetSuite applications occurs with seamless governance, computing and networking.

Now, with these and other additional resources of the OCI, NetSuite customers will truly have the best of both worlds.

Just a Phone Call Away

NetSuite’s technology team is so excited about access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure--the “compute, networking, storage, database, connectivity, and governance to create a complete, reliable technology ecosystem--all in the cloud.” In an online video and blog post, Global VP of Infrastructure, Security and Compliance, Brian Chess explained the upgrade, even jokingly referring to being in the ideal position and authority, to call OCI API and tell them to turn a computer on--and just like that, they will.

But having multiple domains per region available is no joke.

OCI will allow NetSuite to “automatically and programmatically allocate compute resources, storage, the database and the network.” 

NetSuite will continue to test and iterate services before going live with customers, ensuring a seamless launch for any size business, or even for sub-applications, or additional features/procedures within an existing NetSuite infrastructure.

Your NetSuite Experts

At SCS Cloud we partner with our clients for long-term success. 

We can assess your current computing and technical needs, as well as offer predictions for seamless future expansion. We can implement successful, data-supported solutions for your CRM/ERP needs, as well as custom develop additional, fully-integrated solutions. We can train your team for a successful launch, as well as provide the ongoing support for continued success.

Contact us to find out how you can take advantage of Oracle + NetSuite business software solutions.

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