What is a NetSuite Sandbox?

NetSuite is a powerful cloud software capable of managing (and automating) many aspects of your business. 

While it's an impressive feat, it can feel scary to entrust all of your business processes to a brand-new software you might not be fully trained in yet.  

The good news is that you don't have to! That's where a NetSuite sandbox comes in — it's an environment where you can test new changes and customizations without affecting anything in your live instance of NetSuite. 

Instead of worrying about something not working properly when you roll it out company-wide, you can fully test everything in the sandbox. 

Learn more about what a NetSuite sandbox is, what you can do in it, and how you can take advantage of it if you're already a NetSuite user. 

What is a NetSuite Sandbox?

A NetSuite sandbox is a testing environment separate from your live software where you can test features, customizations, and train new users without the risk of messing anything up.

Remember playing in a sandbox as a kid? You could build whatever you wanted and knock it all down, leaving you with a sandbox that looked the same way it did before you got there. Take that same concept and apply it to software development, and that's exactly what a sandbox is!

"Sandbox" is a term used to describe a software testing environment. Many different tools have a sandbox version where you can test whatever you want to make sure it works properly.

Anything you do within the sandbox has zero effect on the live version of NetSuite. 

The NetSuite sandbox duplicates the live version of your software so it feels just like the real thing, only there's zero risk of affecting anything.

Here's What You Can Use the NetSuite Sandbox For

You can use the sandbox to: 

  • Test third-party integrations 
  • Try new customizations before deploying them 
  • Test new additions from the SuiteApp store 
  • Fix existing issues with customizations or integrations 
  • Let employees learn how to use the software 

Is a NetSuite Sandbox Free?

No, a NetSuite sandbox isn't free. The price of a NetSuite sandbox is based on the cost of your annual NetSuite license and the NetSuite service tier you have, which can vary depending on how your software is set up. 

For example, if you have the standard NetSuite service tier, a sandbox is not available. 

The costs for a NetSuite sandbox are: 

  • 10% of your annual license for the regular NetSuite sandbox
  • 20% of your annual license for the Premium NetSuite sandbox  

While that's a general rule of thumb for how much a NetSuite sandbox costs, it's best to reach out to your NetSuite solution provider if you're interested in having a NetSuite sandbox. They might be able to work with you on the price. 

Types of NetSuite Sandbox  

Depending on your business needs, there are a couple of different NetSuite sandbox accounts available. 

A NetSuite Sandbox

This is the regular NetSuite sandbox. It copies your live version of NetSuite, including all of its data, customizations, and setup. 

You can test out anything you need to, whether it's an integration from the SuiteApp store, a third-party customization, or a new type of account configuration. 

Premium NetSuite Sandbox

Coming in at twice the cost of the regular sandbox, NetSuite's premium sandbox contains all of the same features. However, it was designed to handle high-volume data. If you're an enterprise-level company with lots of data in NetSuite, you will probably need the premium sandbox. 

NetSuite Development Account 

A NetSuite development account is a type of sandbox used for development teams when you don't want them to have full access to your business data. 

Both NetSuite sandbox accounts are carbon copies of your live instance of NetSuite, which contains your production data. However, a development account contains test data. You can choose to populate the development account with the test data necessary for development and testing. 

This allows NetSuite developers to set up whatever customizations or third-party integrations they need without exposing sensitive information. 

Are You Interested in a NetSuite Sandbox? 

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