How to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Consultant

     Cloud computing is becoming an absolutely crucial component of modern business, especially with the rise of remote working environments. But how do you know what your business needs? That's where cloud computing consultants come in. 

     SCS Cloud's team of cloud software experts is particularly passionate about helping businesses leverage these twenty-first-century tools to prosper. An expert in this area can help you do so, as long as you choose the right one. Here's what you should look for in a cloud computing consultant.

What is Cloud Computing? 

     In simple terms, cloud computing means a company's data is stored on remote servers, AKA "the cloud". 

     Data needs to be stored on physical servers somewhere -- traditionally, companies had their own physical infrastructure of servers located somewhere on-site, however, these could be difficult and costly to maintain. Plus, the rise of remote work means employees aren't in the office to work from that location, so some kind of cloud computing is needed so data can be accessed remotely. The cloud is also more secure than other data storage methods (as long as employees are aware of common security measures!). 

     Cloud computing has been on the rise for years, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. According to a 2020 study from Gartner, IT spending is shifting even further towards cloud computing: cloud spending made up 9.1% of total global enterprise IT spending in 2020 and is expected to grow to 14.2% by 2024. The study also found that nearly 70% of companies using cloud services today are planning to increase cloud spending 

     In this increasingly cloud-based business environment, using this type of technology is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Storing data on remote servers and accessing them via the Internet has become the norm. Keeping up with this changing modern milieu can be challenging for enterprises of all sizes. Thankfully, SCS Cloud’s team of outstanding consultants is here to help you. 

What Does a Cloud Consultant Do? 

     Cloud consultants are responsible for handling virtually every aspect of cloud computing systems for organizations. They can provide consulting services to help you determine what the best cloud solutions are for your company and you can take on the project in-house. Cloud consultants could also take control of the entire project, creating and implementing a custom solution for your business. 

     SCS Cloud's team of cloud consultants has spent decades learning the ins and outs of cloud-based business software. They help organizations with all aspects of cloud computing technology, including: 

  • Consulting
  • Custom development and customization 
  • Software implementation 
  • Software configuration 
  • Tech support 
  • Personalized training 
  • Data migrations 

     Whether your company needs one of the services mentioned above or every stage from planning to training, cloud consultants are here to help. 

5 Tips To Choose the Best Cloud Computing Consultant 

     Given how widespread cloud computing has become, the number of consultants in this field has also risen. You can find dozens at the click of a button. However, not all software advisers are created equal. 

     If you own or run a business, you probably already realize that your greatest assets are your human resources. Especially when it comes to complex technical issues such as cutting-edge cloud-based business software, you need a competent connoisseur at your disposal. Knowing how to decide on the correct professional for your distinctive digital needs and preferences is key.

1. Ask About Advanced Credentials

     Virtually anyone can market him or herself as a cloud “expert.” While you might assume someone selling their services as a specialist has taken courses, demonstrated their abilities and verified their skills with relevant corporations, professional groups, and associations, this is not always the case. 

     For this reason, we recommend asking any prospective cloud consultant about his or her specific qualifications. For example, you could ask a potential advisor if they have earned certifications or awards in the field of cloud computing.

     In addition, most reputable cloud consultants tend to partner with particular software programs to architect solutions for clients. They frequently build professional relationships with the companies that create these applications and receive advanced education in them in return. 

     For instance, at SCS Cloud, we specialize in NetSuite, the foremost cloud-based business software suite in the world. With this top company, we have earned the title of NetSuite Solution Provider. To achieve this, our consultants met rigorous technical requirements, showed our ability to customize cloud solutions to clients’ needs, developed sophisticated business strategies, created an expert sales staff, and more.

2. Make Sure They Take a Personalized Approach 

     One of the primary advantages of application suites like NetSuite is its nearly infinite customizability. To make the most of everything cloud computing has to offer, you need a consultant who’s willing to work closely with you and keep your interests in mind. Ideally, your advisor should take the time to learn about your particular needs, share his or her comprehensive knowledge of the cloud accordingly, make recommendations to further optimize your operations, and collaborate with you to craft an outstanding solution that exceeds your expectations.

     How can you determine if a cloud consultant will truly care about and cooperate with your company? Here are some questions to ask a cloud consultant

  • Pay attention to how he or she communicates with you during your initial meeting. If a possible advisor brushes you off with just a quick, general phone call, this could be a bad sign. However, if your prospective cloud consultant addresses all of your concerns, asks thoughtful questions about your business, and provides personal feedback, this would bode very well.
  • See if you can speak with previous clients. One of the best ways to get to know a cloud consultant is through testimonials. Often, prospective advisors will be happy to provide you with these, and perhaps even put you in touch with their satisfied customers.
  • Watch out for generic, boilerplate responses or answers. Not every software configuration is right for every business. Be wary of cloud consultants who provide the same, droll “customizations” to every customer.
  • Ask for what you really want from your cloud-based business software suite. When it comes to adjusting your applications using modern technology, the sky’s the limit. Don’t assume that your dream interface or perfect accounting methodology is impossible. If you find a cloud consultant who’s really on the same page as you, he or she will do everything in his or her power to execute it, and, even if it isn’t possible, your advisor will give you a clear explanation as to why it's not. 

     At SCS Cloud, our team of consultants is passionate about helping companies achieve astounding results with cloud-based business software. We pride ourselves on our caring, client-centered approach. We adapt our software strategies to your needs and preferences, dedicating ourselves to delivering whatever will best suit your business. To experience this on a personal level, schedule your free consultation today!

3. Ask for Case Studies 

     Almost any potential cloud consultant will undoubtedly say that he or she is “experienced” or “skilled” in this field, but how do you know this is true? It is vitally important that your advisors have demonstrated their extensive expertise. In addition to sharing their advanced knowledge during meetings, your prospective specialists can do so by providing case studies. These detailed documents describe past work accomplishments, including a profile of the business, the challenge the client offered the consultant, how the specialists went about solving it, and the results they provided. This kind of step-by-step discussion of past projects gives you indispensable information about the consultant’s work style, professional prowess, and technical mastery.

     While discussing the key concepts of the cloud computing industry establishes a certain level of experience, an advisor’s distinctive abilities are best evidenced by the application of his or her skills. Ask the cloud consultant you're considering for previous case studies that exemplify their work. 

     For example, SCS Cloud has published a wide variety of case studies on our prior projects, from our work with clients like CAST Retail, L.N. Curtis & Sons, Redpoint Resolutions, and more.

4. Look for a Strong Team of Consultants

     Perhaps this seems like a trick answer, but, in many cases, the best cloud consultant is actually a whole team of specialists! When choosing a cloud consultant, one of your first questions should be whether your possible specialist works alone or as part of a talented team. Working with a standalone, independent advisor can be a major disadvantage when it comes to upgrading your software. 

     You’re best served by a versatile, powerful firm, with developers, managers, architects, and other specialists supporting consultants in their work. By working with a consultancy, your company will have access to an entire team’s knowledge, experience, and credentials, meaning that if one specialist doesn’t know how to answer a complex question or deal with a difficult problem, another one probably will. The whole of a tech consulting firm is greater than the sum of its parts.

     At SCS Cloud, we’ve put together an excellent group of cloud specialists from all backgrounds to help you handle all of your software needs. 

5. Make Sure They're in it for the Long Haul 

     You should look for a cloud consultant who’s willing to join forces with your company for the long haul. Short-term, project-based freelancers and contractors finish a specific task and move on to their next undertaking. When interviewing prospective cloud computing consultants, you should inquire as to whether or not they will be available to you for technical support down the line, how they’ll develop your software to acclimate to future changes, and what strategy they have for your company down the line.

     A cloud-based business software suite has the power to impact your company’s success for many years to come. In addition, given the nature of these advanced applications, it’s likely that you’ll need regular assistance adjusting, enhancing, and streamlining them as they evolve.

     These programs should also be designed with more than just your immediate needs in mind; they ought to be constructed to meet your long-term goals and grow flexibly with your soon-to-be expanding enterprise.

     At SCS Cloud, one of our fundamental tenets is our exhaustive strategy. Our team is committed to crafting cloud-based solutions that endure for many years, addressing all departments, segments, software types, and difficulties.

Cloud Computing Consulting Services 

     When looking for a cloud computing consultant, we urge you to consider SCS Cloud’s services. We aim to offer all the aspects clients look for in advanced technological advice. Contact SCS Cloud today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation!

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