This installment of our NetSuite Tutorial will show you the different fields within the vendor record in NetSuite.

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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101


     Welcome to Netsuite. In this video, we will cover the basics of vendor records. 

     To navigate to the list of vendor records, we click on Vendors in the shortcuts portlet. This view shows a list of all vendors; the information is shown in rows and columns with a description of the column at the top. 

     To navigate to a record click the name of the Vendor on the left-hand side. General information about the vendor is shown at the top of the page, in the primary information, email, phone, and address sections. This includes the name, category and company type which are shown here. Below this is the sub-tabs section of the Vendor Records. 

     As a note, the sub-tabs section varies from company to company. We will cover some of the most used sub-tabs in this video. 

     The first sub is the Relationships sub-tab, this sub-tab shows a complete list of any contacts at the vendor company. Pay particular attention to the contact's role, the contact's role defines what the contact’s role in the company is. Roles can be assigned for such things as the primary contact, billing contact, or consultants. Custom roles for contacts can also be created." To navigate between sub-tabs click on the title of the sub tab. 

     The address tab shows the addresses that are on file for the vendor. Default Billing and shipping addresses will be indicated here. 

     The communication sub-tab tracks any emails sent to any contact at the vendor company through NetSuite. 

     The files tab within communication is where files related to this vendor will be kept. 

     The financial sub-tab shows financial information about the vendor the information in this page will vary based on your company's needs, but generally, this is where information about payment terms, credit limits and balance amount are shown. 

     The purchase history sub-tab keeps a record of all items purchased from the vendor including the status of the Order. The other sub-tabs will not be covered in this video. 

     Thanks for watching.

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