Vendor Records in NetSuite Tutorial

     Whether you're brand new to NetSuite or are still learning the ropes, understanding the most commonly used parts of vendor records is important. 

     This guide, and corresponding video tutorial, walks you through the basics of vendor records.

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Navigating Vendor Records within NetSuite 

     From NetSuite's home dashboard, navigate to the list of vendor records by clicking on vendors in the shortcuts portlet

The vendor link in NetSuite's shortcuts portlet. 

     Here, you'll see a list of all vendors within NetSuite. Click on the name of a vendor on the left hand side to view their vendor record. The top of the page contains general information such as the vendor's name, company type, comments, and the default contact's information such as their email address and phone number. 

Sample vendor record, showing all general information and related subtabs. 

Vendor Record Subtabs 

     Below the general information are the vendor record subtabs. As a note, these subtabs vary from company to company depending on how NetSuite was configured. We're not going to cover every single subtab in this tutorial, but we're going to go over the most used ones! 

Relationships Subtab

     The first subtab is the relationships subtab. It shows a complete list of any contacts at the vendor company. Pay close attention to the contact's role, which defines what their role is within their company. 

     Roles can be assigned for things such as primary contact, billing contact, or consultants. You can create custom roles, too if needed! Relationships subtab of the vendor record in NetSuite. 

Address Subtab

     The address subtab shows the addresses you have on file for the vendor. You'll see the default billing and shipping addresses here. You can edit this information as needed! 

Address subtab in NerSuite's vendor record. 

Communication Subtab

     The communication subtab tracks any emails sent to any contact at the vendor company through NetSuite. At a glance, you can see the date and time the email was sent, who sent the email, who the email recipient was, and the subject line of the email. 

     You could also use this tab to send out a new email to the vendor using the email button. Communication subtab in NetSuite's vendor record. 

     The files tab within this communication subtab is where any files related to the vendor will be kept. 

Financial Subtab

     This subtab shows financial information about the vendor. While the type of information contained in this subtab will vary based on your company's needs, it usually contains items such as payment terms, credit limits, and balance amounts. Financial subtab of NetSuite's vendor record. 

Purchase History Subtab

     Probably one of the most self-explanatory subtabs, this subtab keeps a record of all the items purchased from the vendor, plus the order status. 

Still Need Help Navigating NetSuite? 

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