How to Update NetSuite Security Questions

     Our NetSuite experts put together this guide on how to update your security questions in NetSuite. While it's a quick and simple task, sometimes the right link can be hard to find.

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How to Update Security Questions in NetSuite 

     Updating security questions in NetSuite is quick and easy! Here's how. 

Navigate to the Settings Portlet 

     From the home dashboard, click on the "update security questions" link in the settings portlet. (Note: you might have to scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard to find this portlet!) 

The link to update security questions seen in NetSuite's settings portlet.

Update All Three Security Questions 

     On the update security questions page, you'll need to enter your current password. You'll be able to reset all three security questions to whatever you want. Keep in mind that you will have to update ALL three -- you can't just update one and leave the other two as-is. 

     Make sure you remember the answers to these security questions because they'll need to be answered correctly in order to reset your password. Once all the questions are updated, click save at the top of the screen. 

     Now, all your security questions are updated! 

Example of someone updating their security questions in NetSuite. 

Our NetSuite Experts Are Here to Help! 

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