In this twenty-first century of business, you probably realize that your company can’t function without a sophisticated software solution. Your enterprise needs efficient, effective applications to process payments, manage accounts, provide customer service, sell products online, and more. At SCS Cloud, we specialize in helping our clients find the right software systems to meet their myriad needs.


Most often, we recommend NetSuite, the foremost cloud-based business software suite in the world. We can consult with you to learn about your particular preferences, personalize your programs to your exact requirements with custom development, and offer convenient, practical technical support. Many people think that these services cover their companies completely when switching to or upgrading their NetSuite systems, but they’re forgetting one essential ingredient: implementation.


This is one of the most crucial stages in setting up your state-of-the-art software, but, unfortunately, it is also the most misunderstood. At SCS Cloud, we’re determined to help our clients make the most of everything today’s cloud-based technology has to offer. To maximize the potential of the programs at your fingertips, you need to implement them properly. The first step in doing so is getting a clear idea of what this process actually entails, how it works, and why it should be done professionally. In the following blog, we clear up the top six common misconceptions about NetSuite implementation.


1.  My business is already equipped to implement NetSuite.

Many executives and business owners mistakenly believe that they can implement NetSuite anytime. It’s true that other, much simpler software applications, like Microsoft Word, can be up and running with a few clicks. However, given that NetSuite is an advanced, interconnected suite of cloud-based software programs, implementing this nuanced system is more akin to putting together a new computer than downloading a basic app.


One of the first steps in professional implementation is getting your company ready for your new and improved system. As the Houston Chronicle points out, “technological implementation requires time and resources. Every implementation plan should include a detailed description of what tasks need to be accomplished and what equipment needs to be purchased during the implementation period. This advanced planning helps a business anticipate costs, avoid delays, and minimize interruptions to work processes.” Our team of expert consultants are pros at this sort of advanced planning.


When you partner with us for NetSuite implementation, we can ensure you are primed for your new programs. Our cloud specialists will assess your existing software, help you acquire any hardware you need to run NetSuite, and inform you about what to expect during the rest of the implementation process. NetSuite’s cloud-based combination of cooperative programs requires a little preparation to implement, but the stunning, business-changing results it provides are well worth the effort.


2.  Implementation is the same thing as installation.

Especially since they sound similar, many people use these terms interchangeably. However, installation is just one small step of the extensive implementation process. Installation involves downloading the software to the device it will be used on, and that’s about it. You’ve probably installed dozens of apps on your smartphone and walked through just as many automated “installation wizards” on your desktop. Almost anyone can successfully conduct an installation.


Implementation, in contrast, is a much more complex, comprehensive process, of which installation is one minor component of many. As Search CRM explains, “in an information technology (IT) context, software or hardware implementation encompasses all the post-sale processes involved in something operating properly in its environment.” This multifaceted procedure involves a variety of tasks to be performed prior to and following installation, which is one of the easiest steps. Since implementation requires coordinating a variety of complex tasks, Search CRM notes: “companies strive to use proven methodologies and enlist professional help to guide them through the implementation of a system.”


When the SCS Cloud team implements NetSuite, we provide advanced preparations and carefully evaluate the client’s pre-existing software before installing the suite of cutting-edge programs. Then, after we’ve downloaded NetSuite’s applications onto our client’s devices, we set it up to their specifications, configure it, arrange the programs in an appropriate structure, experiment with the applications to ensure they are working properly, align them with other software, train employees in their basic use, and make adjustments according to their experiences using NetSuite.


3.  Transferring data from one platform to another is a simple task.

Company information, from payroll paperwork to customer contacts, is the bedrock of any business. When you upgrade to NetSuite, you might assume that switching data from your old system to your new one will be a cinch. After all, moving photos, emails, contacts, and data between personal devices is relatively easy. However, since NetSuite is a high-tech

cloud-based suite of applications, transferring information can be a more complex process. One of the primary advantages of this system is that it operates from a single, cloud-based data source, so it is vitally important that all of your information gets correctly uploaded to your remote servers. Fortunately, SCS Cloud’s tech whizzes have mastered this process. Our

implementation service includes analyzing your information, preparing it for transfer, moving it to your new NetSuite system, and making sure it is all where it should be.


4.  All NetSuite systems are created equal.

Our team of top notch software architects, specialists, and managers prefers to work with NetSuite because, in addition to its sheer cloud-based computer power, it lends itself to near infinite modification. To speak metaphorically, NetSuite is like a stunning piece of marble. Its raw material is impressive, and in the expert hands, it can be sculpted to suit your needs beautifully. However, without skillful adjustment, NetSuite can be cumbersome and complex to manage, like a gorgeous slab of marble simply sitting in your living room.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that NetSuite users opt for custom development, so we can tailor your system to your precise needs. However, the NetSuite adjustment processes does not stop at development. Even the most intricately individualized suite of software applications will be relatively useless unless it is implemented properly. The setup, alignment, and refinement processes help complete your customization so your NetSuite operations are truly optimized. This is just one more reason NetSuite programs are not “plug and play.”


5.  Other business applications will automatically integrate with NetSuite.

NetSuite includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Professional Services Automation (PSA), and eCommerce services, so it should cover virtually every computerized need your company has. However, if you have a few favorite applications you’d rather not give up or find a software to help enhance your new system, you’ll want to make sure it works alongside NetSuite, sharing information easily. While it’s true that NetSuite can interoperate with a wide variety of complementary applications, many users believe that it the system will do so on its own. This is false.


One of the most important phases of implementation is alignment. During this step, our cloud software specialists will consult with you about your needs and conduct an extensive examination of your proposed combination of programs, then modify your NetSuite system accordingly. This will ensure that every business application on your system coexists well so you can utilize all of them without incident.


6.  I can implement my own cloud-based business software suite.

The most major misconception corporate owners and managers have about NetSuite is that they can implement it on their own. Due to all of the above misunderstandings and many others, a do-it-yourself approach to implementation is undoubtedly a mistake. To borrow from previous metaphors throughout this piece, attempting to undertake this elaborate task on your own is a bit like attempting to build your own computer or chisel your own marble statue. In experienced hands, implementation can be convenient, streamlined, and straightforward.

When attempted by an amateur, however, it can lead to disaster. Poor preparation makes implementation a frustratingly time-consuming process, simply installing NetSuite puts the system on your devices without actually setting it up for use, improper data transfer can lead to the loss of key company information, unqualified configuration undoes the advantages of custom development, and sloppy alignment causes competing applications to crash your computer. To avoid these digital dilemmas, we urge you to partner with cloud software professionals when you implement NetSuite at your office.

Are You Ready for Easy, Innovative Implementation?

You need professional assistance to truly harness the power of NetSuite. The SCS Cloud team is here to help you! Contact us today to find out more about NetSuite implementation and schedule a free consultation with our cloud-based business software connoisseurs.

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