Test Your NetSuite Implementation IQ

If you own or run a business in the twenty-first century, you’ve probably realized that you must become at least somewhat software savvy just to stay afloat. Attempting to maintain your accounts, provide quality customer service, market to your target audiences, update payroll, and perform other basic functions on paper or outdated word processing applications could seriously impact your success. Understanding how to use digital tools to manage your enterprise’s

day-to-day affairs is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, SCS Cloud’s team of seasoned specialists is available to educate and assist you in this process, improving your application aptitude so you can thrive in the modern marketplace.

One of the most indispensable tools you can employ to take charge of your business in this digital epoch is a cloud-based business software suite like NetSuite. This system offers PSA (Professional Services Automation), eCommerce, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from a single, unified database. NetSuite’s intuitive interface, sheer computing power, and cloud-based flexibility make it the top software of its kind.

Therefore, in many ways, your knowledge of NetSuite is an index of your company’s profit potential. Understanding how to leverage this software to optimize your operations and streamline your services could allow you to save a struggling venture or soar your revenues into the stratosphere.

While many companies comprehend the value of transitioning to NetSuite and taking advantage of SCS Cloud’s custom development capabilities, we’ve found in consulting with our clientele that many haven’t been informed about one of the most essential components involved in this process: implementation. Below, we’ve put together a short quiz so you can assess your awareness of implementation and learn more about this phase of cloud-based business software deployment so you can make the most of NetSuite.

1.  What is implementation?

The single most common misunderstanding of implementation is in its basic definition. Many people confuse software “implementation” for “installation” when, in fact, installation is just one step of many in the comprehensive implementation process. PC Magazine offers an essential tech-related definition of implementation: “the carrying out or physical realization of something.” In other words, on a fundamental level, implementation is the translation of ideas, plans, concepts, and even codes into usable frameworks and systems.

Search CRM goes into greater detail: “in an information technology (IT) context, software or hardware implementation encompasses all the post-sale processes involved in something

operating properly in its environment...the word ‘deployment’ is sometimes used to mean the same thing.” Implementation is the process of making a software system work in reality, putting it into use for businesses so that they can begin to reap its benefits.

2.  Why is implementation so important?

Since implementation is often forgotten, ignored, or overlooked, you might assume that it can’t possibly be a significant step in the process of switching or upgrading your cloud-based business software suite. However, this line of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth - or more dangerous. You can purchase the highest quality NetSuite package and custom develop it down to the tiniest detail, but it will do your business no good if it isn’t properly implemented. This step brings to fruition all of your hard work, planning, and investment in NetSuite, so it is absolutely vital.

3.  When does the implementation process begin?

As the Search CRM definition implies, implementation typically begins directly after the sale of a software system. Generally, once your programs are designed, our consultants will begin to formulate an implementation plan with your company so that you can begin putting them into practice. However, the implementation process could start sooner. For example, our team of consultants may begin assessing what will be required to perform data transfer while our custom developers put the finishing touches on your set of applications.

4.  How does a business prepare for implementation?

Being ready for implementation can help this potentially complex process go much more smoothly. Our specialists can provide a personalized preparation plan to help your team get all set for implementation. Generally, you can prime yourself for implementation by:

  • Learning more about this process is and what it entails (you’re already doing this one, just by reading this blog, so excellent job!).
  • Purchasing complementary hardware you may need to better run Our consultants can advise you on this.
  • Speaking with your team about your transition to NetSuite. While it offers myriad rewards, switching or upgrading your business software may require your employees to adapt their work processes. For this reason, it’s best to let them know that you will be implementing new software soon and explain how NetSuite will enhance their professional performance so they can be excited about this change rather than dreading it. This will also give them the opportunity to proactively learn more about
  • Decide which additional applications you’d like to keep using. Virtually any business program you’re currently using can be operated in conjunction with NetSuite, but this is important information to have during
  • Begin combing through your data to decide what you truly need. One of the primary advantages of NetSuite is that it collects all of your company information in a single, remote database and updates it across a variety of Determining whichinformation you want in this database will be key as you implement NetSuite. This is an excellent time to declutter your data, saving the truly relevant information while tossing aside duplicate, incorrect, extraneous, or inapplicable details.
  • Name an executive or employee who will collaborate with our consultants to take charge of the implementation process. Selecting a point person can help focus and simplify the task at
  • Create an implementation plan with our expert consultants. Before deploying your NetSuite, we will sit down with your team’s implementation representative and construct a detailed schedule for the various aspects of this activity.

These are just a few of our tips. For more suggestions, check out our blog on this topic: Ready, Set, Implement!

5.  What are the basic steps of NetSuite implementation?

Your company’s specific NetSuite needs, custom development, and preferences will impact the exact phases involves in your particular implementation, but usually, this process entails:

  • Evaluating your current systems to ascertain how to best transfer and streamline your work.
  • Installing Since NetSuite is cloud-based, this will primarily involve setting up remote systems and servers.
  • Moving your data from your previous server or database to NetSuite’s fully integrated system.
  • Inputting custom codes and creating user logins so that your team can begin to actually interact with the software from your
  • Fully deploying the customized features SCS Cloud has created for your
  • Testing NetSuite’s various functions to ensure they operate Both your team and ours will participate in this process. In addition to conducting a comprehensive review of NetSuite’s performance, we will modify your programs according to your feedback.
  • Making sure that NetSuite interoperates (can share data with and work alongside) any complementary business applications you would like to
  • Training your team in NetSuite. We can teach you and your employees the ins and outs of NetSuite either on-site or online. This instruction is an important component of implementation because, while you may know NetSuite’s fundamental features, you can truly implement this software suite if you have a more sophisticated understanding of its abilities.
  • Adjusting and refining your NetSuite system as needed. Our rigorous testing typically makes this step of implementation moot, but SCS Cloud’s specialists will be available to help polish your programs

This is merely a rough outline of what implementation may involve. For more information, check out our blog, NetSuite Implementation 101. Our consultants can also discuss this with you

6.  Should you implement NetSuite yourself?

The short answer to this question is: no! Do-It-Yourself implementation can have disastrous results. While you may be able to plug and play a simple piece of software like Microsoft Word, NetSuite is a nuanced cloud-computing powerhouse program. Consider the complex, multifaceted concerns regarding implementation outlined in the rest of this quiz. Do you want to take those on for yourself? In the wrong hands, implementation can go terribly wrong, from mistyped codes to destroyed data to improper instruction. For a simple, effective implementation that delivers the digital results you want from your NetSuite, professional implementation is a must. With years of experience and hundreds of successful implementations under our belts, SCS Cloud’s virtual virtuosos are more than up to the task. Let us help you.

SCS Cloud Can Help Raise Your NetSuite Implementation IQ

Would you like to learn more about NetSuite, speak with our apt advisors, custom develop your applications, or begin the implementation process? Contact SCS Cloud today to find out more about NetSuite implementation and schedule a free consultation with our team.

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