SuperSync Approvals vs SuiteApprovals: Which One is Best?

Does your business use approval processes? 

Whether your approvals only require the go-ahead from one or two people or you need to loop in external parties, there are NetSuite add ons that help make this process a smooth and simple one. 

Whether you've already been using NetSuite for years or are looking to start the NetSuite implementation process, if you have approval workflows, you need to know about these NetSuite add-ons. 

We're comparing two of the most popular NetSuite approval add-ons: SuperSync Approvals and SuiteApprovals. 

What is SuperSync Approvals?

SuperSync Approvals is a NetSuite add-on that makes the approval process easier than ever. It streamlines and optimizes NetSuite approvals so users can approve transactions or custom records right from their email inbox.

SuperSync Approvals was custom-built by SCS Cloud's team of NetSuite developers with the goal of quick implementation and intuitive approval flows. It's part of our HoneyApps framework, which includes multiple NetSuite apps that quickly integrate with your existing setup. 

SuperSync Approvals Features 

Works on Any Device

SuperSync Approvals allows you to make approvals from a mobile device! As long as you have access to your email, you can approve outstanding items. 

Supports All Transaction & Custom Record Types 

SuperSync Approvals supports all transaction types and custom record types, so the approval process can be used for just about anything. 

Supported transactions include:

  • Purchase requisition 
  • Purchase order
  • Vendor bill 
  • Bill payments
  • Sales order
  • Invoice 
  • Expense report 

If you need an approval process for a transaction type that isn't listed above, we can build it out in a custom workflow. 

Enable External Approvals & Multi-Step Approvals

SuperSync Approvals allows you to enable external approvals as needed. If there are outside vendors or clients involved in the process, it's easy to integrate them into your workflows. 

Also, if you have a complicated, multi-step approval process, don't worry! This NetSuite App can handle even the most complex approval processes. 

Setting Up SuperSync Approvals

The beauty of SuperSync Approvals is that there's no setup required on your end! The team here at SCS Cloud takes care of everything for you – you just need to let us know exactly what you need for each approval process and we'll get to work! 

All of the setup is included in the implementation fee. While this is a plug-and-play bundle, we can add any additional NetSuite customizations needed. 

SuperSync Approvals Pricing

There's a one-time $2,500 implementation fee, which includes the setup of up to two approval processes. After that, SuperSync Approvals costs $4,000/year in addition to the price of NetSuite

What is SuiteApprovals? 

SuiteApprovals is an application developed by NetSuite. Just like SuperSync Approvals, it helps NetSuite users set up approval workflows for various record types.  

Unlike SuperSync Approvals, this is a first-party tool. Instead of going through a third-party provider, you would get any support needed directly from NetSuite. 

SuiteApprovals Features 

SuiteApprovals allows users to set up approval processes for the following NetSuite record types: 

  • Journal entry 
  • Engineering change order 
  • Expense report
  • Purchase order
  • Requisition
  • Vendor Bill
  • Email Approval Log 

Unlike SuperSync Approvals, SuiteApprovals doesn't provide support for all record types. 

Transactional & Hierarchy-Based Limits

SuiteApprovals allows you to set up approval processes based either on the dollar amount of a transaction or on the employee it needs to go through. 

For example, maybe you only want an approval process for orders over $10,000. Or, you only want an approvals process for orders that go through a specific department. You can set that up in SuiteApprovals in no time. 

Email Approval

You can enable the Email Approval feature so employees can quickly and easily approve items right from their email. SuperSync Approvals has this same feature so, regardless of the NetSuite add on you choose, you'll be able to make approvals from a mobile device. 

Super Approval 

This is best when you need something approved ASAP for a tight deadline. You can designate specific employees as "super approvers" so they can bypass the regular approval chain. This way, you won't have to wait on approval from every single person in the approval process. This feature seems to be unique to SuiteApprovals. 

Setting Up SuiteApprovals 

It's possible for NetSuite users to install and configure SuiteApproval on their own, however, there's quite a bit of work behind it. 

NetSuite provides step-by-step instructions, but you'll want to make sure everything is 100% correct before rolling it out company-wide – you wouldn't want important transactions to bypass their typical approvals process. 

If you opt for SuiteApprovals, it's best to hire NetSuite developers so they can customize SuiteApprovals as needed and make sure everything is set up properly. This comes with its own cost that varies depending on the vendor you choose to go with. 

SuiteApprovals Pricing

NetSuite doesn't publicly list information about the price of SuiteApprovals. To get a quote for your business, you'll need to reach out to NetSuite directly. 

SuperSync Approvals vs SuiteApprovals: Which One is Best? 

SuperSync Approvals and SuiteApprovals both have similar features. 

However, SuperSync Approvals shines in a few ways: 

  • SuperSync Approvals supports all record types, while SuiteApprovals only supports a few 
  • SuperSync Approvals can be customized as needed
  • SuiteApprovals requires the user to configure everything on their own, whereas HoneyApprovals is configured for you 

Need Help Choosing the Best NetSuite Add-Ons? 

Our team is full of NetSuite experts who have created other NetSuite bundles who ready to help you build a successful NetSuite configuration. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

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