Streamline NetSuite Approvals with SuperSync Approvals

     Have you ever wished NetSuite's approval process was simpler or more convenient? We found a way to make that possible.  

     One of our newest NetSuite customization options, SuperSync Approvals, is here to make your life easier with mobile approvals, streamlined approval processes, and additional support features that aren't possible with out-of-the-box NetSuite. Here's how it works. 

What is SuperSync Approvals? 

     SuperSync Approvals is a NetSuite Bundle custom-built by our NetSuite experts. Instead of paying developers to create custom functionalities for your NetSuite platform, you can add on our pre-built, mobile-friendly apps like SuperSync Approvals. 

     SuperSync Approvals focuses on streamlining NetSuite's approval process and optimizing your NetSuite approval workflows to be as efficient as possible. It enables you to approve transactions or custom records right from your email inbox!

     SuperSync Approvals is part of our custom SuperSync framework, designed by our experienced NetSuite developers. Built off of modern javascript, SuperSync contains different NetSuite extensions and apps that can be quickly and easily integrated into your NetSuite platform. (Don't have NetSuite yet? Check out our NetSuite implementation services!) 

Benefits of SuperSync Approvals 

     If you're looking to simplify your complex NetSuite approval process you have two options: have developers build you a custom solution or purchase SuperSync Approvals. Because it's an existing application, SuperSync Approvals is quicker to implement, is more efficient than adding additional code, and makes future updates and code changes five times faster than custom development. 

     While these perks are an incredible feat for NetSuite applications, here's exactly how SuperSync Approvals benefits your business. 

Approve From a Mobile Device 

Approve through email     Approving items in NetSuite typically requires logging on to NetSuite from a desktop device and viewing the item needing approval. With SuperSync Approvals, you can make approvals from anywhere on a mobile device. You'll receive an email with the details and have the ability to approve it right then and there, without even logging in to NetSuite! 

Customizable Approval Workflow 

     We'll implement a standard approval workflow, but it can be modified to fit your specific needs. If you already have an efficient approval workflow and want to keep it the same, we can build out your existing workflow in SuperSync Approvals. 

     Both approvers and requesters can always stay up to date on the status of an approval throughout its workflow —  they'll be notified via email with any updates. 

Custom Email Templates 

     You'll receive a set of customizable email templates you can use for specific actions. For example, you can choose one to notify users there are transactions to approve or reject, as well as sending reminders about pending transactions in their queue. 

Supports Transaction & Customer Record Types 

Honey Forms     One major plus of SuperSync Approvals is that it supports most transaction and custom record types. This isn't possible with out-of-the-box NetSuite! 

Transactions Supported: 

  • Purchase Requisition 
  • Purchase Order 
  • Vendor Bill 
  • Bill Payments 
  • Sales Order 
  • Invoice 
  • Expense Report

     Any transactions that aren't listed above are still possible to integrate with SuperSync Approvals, it just requires us to build a custom approval workflow. 

Direct Query Links

SuperSync Analytics now supports direct query links which can be used to pull data from NetSuite directly into PowerBI, embedded Excel sheets or a variety of other applications. 

For PowerBI, this means that it is no longer necessary to push a CSV file into Sharepoint but instead, data can be refreshed directly out of NetSuite. 

Setting Up Direct Query Links

To setup direct query links you will first need to generate a dedicated Token ID & Secret which is explained in the following article. 

Generating Tokens & Secrets for Direct Queries

Once you have these, you can enable a direct query link on a new or existing Data Source by navigating to SuperSync Analytics > Data > Data Sources. If you need help getting started with Data Sources for the first time, we have a separate article on the subject.

On the Data Source, enter an endpoint name. This should generally not contain any spaces or special characters but hyphens and underscores are generally okay. You can name it whatever you want but it must be unique across all data sources setup in the system. 

After saving the record, a Direct Query Link will show up on the Data Source record: 

CSV vs JSON Format Data

By default the data will be returned in a JSON format which is most useful for web applications and serves.

You can switch the Direct Query Link to return comma separated text values by adding a format parameter to the URL. 

For example:

To add the parameter to the end of the URL, make sure to include the ampersand symbol:   &format=csv

The article also covers JSON vs CSV formats. For large data sets, CSV formats may see a better performance in terms of speed as the result size is smaller.

Using Direct Data Links

Direct Query Links can be used in a variety of applications, including PowerBI and Microsoft excel and can also be tested for development purposes using services such as Postman. Separate articles have been setup describing how exactly to use these links in each scenario. 

How Much Does SuperSync Approvals Cost? 

     In addition to the price of NetSuite, the cost of SuperSync Approvals is an annual license fee of $4,000. There is also a one-time implementation fee of $2,500. This implementation fee may need to be adjusted depending on how complex your requirements are. 

Simplify Your NetSuite Approvals Process Today! 

     Interested in seeing how SuperSync Approvals works? Schedule a free demo with us today! We'll walk you through how the platform works and answer any questions you might have.

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