SCS Cloud Lands at SuiteWorld

With companies around the world passing the Q3 finish line, NetSuite kicked off their annual SuiteWorld conference on September 26th with the theme “Full Suite Ahead.” 

SCS Cloud’s CEO Derek Hitchman attended with VPs and other key members of our team.

Having recently pressed “go-live” on a new website for our high-powered solution, SuperSync, the event comes on the heels of one of our strongest Q3 to date, indicating a trend that only promises to grow.  

During an interview for CRN, our VP of Operations, Bobby Coffin, voiced how “We’re looking at potentially another year of growth north of about 70 percent.” 

Taking Home the W!


Today’s NetSuite ecosystem includes some 880 partners. But despite the numbers, it remains a highly selective pool teeming with some of the best the world has to offer in the NetSuite implementation space. 

We’re therefore proud to announce that SCS Cloud was awarded at SuiteWorld 2022!

Breakthrough Solution Provider Partner of the Year! 

Fun at the Brooklyn Bowl

The SuiteWorld experience wouldn’t have been complete without our event at the Brooklyn Bowl—co-sponsored by Airbase and Mosaic. 

“We hosted the happy hour with Airbase and Mosaic,” said one of our team members who helped coordinate the event.

Well over a hundred joined in, swapping out their sneakers and boots for bowling shoes and meeting up for a taste of the Vegas nightlife. 

“We got to spend some quality time with our customers in a very fun and upbeat, laid-back environment.”

“It was fantastic. Wonderful energy.”

A Last Word 

Following SuiteWorld 2022, we caught up with SCS Cloud’s Partner Alliance Manager, Ariana Capriotti, for comments about the experience:

  On touring the SuiteWorld expo hall, Ariana said, “We got to meet with a lot of our existing partners and strengthen our relationships, learn about new offerings that they have; and we got to meet with new partners and create new relationships and learn about new products that our customers would need. So on both ends that was fantastic.”

When it came to showcasing what SCS Cloud offers, Ariana reported how one product in particular stood out front and center. 

“We have our own SuperSync brand and products and it was fantastic to be able to reach out to partners that were there. You could say this was a sort of launching point for our new SuperSync brand—which we received rave reviews about.”

Commenting on the SuiteWorld community, Ariana smiled. “There’s nothing quite like getting to meet in person.”  

“Everywhere you turn, everyone you meet has a fascinating story or has a connection to you somehow. It’s such a big world and such a small world too.” Adding, “Somehow they know someone you know or worked with someone that’s on the team. So many great opportunities came out of that.”

An experience that Ariana adds, “Totally ends up translating to the customers.” 

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