SuiteSuccess vs Non-SuiteSuccess: Should You Use It for NetSuite Implementation?

The decision to implement NetSuite isn't one to be taken lightly. As you're researching all of the different implementation methods, you've probably come across something called SuiteSuccess. 

SuiteSuccess is an implementation methodology created by NetSuite to help your business launch the cloud software quickly. However, is it really the best implementation method? It depends.

In short: 

  • SuiteSuccess - SuiteSuccess is best for small businesses, allowing for a faster go-live (within 100 days), faster time-to-value, and increased efficiency. 

  • Non-SuiteSuccess - Not using SuiteSuccess means you'll have a longer go-live timeline. However, if your business requires any customizations, training, or integrations, not using SuiteSuccess will be your best option. 

Read more to find out exactly what SuiteSuccess promises, and the differences between using SuiteSuccess and not using it.  

What is SuiteSuccess?

SuiteSuccess is an implementation method launched by NetSuite to help make the process smoother for small businesses. 

This program was designed based on over 20 years of successful NetSuite implementations, all with the goal of helping your business increase efficiency and profitability. 

While NetSuite can be a game-changer for any sized business, the implementation process can be long, complex, and require a lot of steps that a smaller company might not even need to take advantage of. That's why NetSuite launched SuiteSuccess — it bypasses all of the complicated steps and only focuses on what's absolutely necessary to set the software live. 

Features of SuiteSuccess include:

  • Fixed-fee packages so you know you won't go over budget. 
  • Ready on day 1, thanks to preconfigured solutions that let you hit the ground running. 
  • Up and running quickly, within 100 days. 
  • Multiple editions, which we will cover more about later, but SuiteSuccess is still able to cater to specific industries and needs.  

What's Included in SuiteSuccess? 

Similar to any regular NetSuite instance, SuiteSuccess comes standard with enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, customer relationship management (CRM), and basic business analytics.  

If you need functionalities besides what's included, you'll need to purchase a special edition of SuiteSuccess.

SuiteSuccess Editions  

SuiteSuccess has a wide range of "editions" catering to specific industries and business types. Whether you need a basic financial management system, supply chain optimization, or the ability to increase the accuracy of your billing and invoicing, SuiteSuccess probably has an edition that fits your business.

These are all of the editions you can choose from when you implement NetSuite with SuiteSuccess: 

  • Financials First Edition

  • Starter Products Edition 

  • Starter Services Edition

  • Agency Edition 

  • Apparel & Footwear Edition 

  • Health & Beauty Edition 

  • Food & Beverage Edition 

  • Manufacturing Edition 

  • Nonprofit Edition

  • Media & Publishing Edition

  • Retail Edition 

  • Software Edition 

  • Wholesale Distribution Edition 

Benefits of SuiteSuccess: 

  • Faster time-to-value - with how quickly SuiteSuccess gets NetSuite up and running, you'll start seeing a return on your investment sooner rather than later.
  • Quick go-lives - this is probably the fastest way to implement NetSuite, as it will go live within 100 days.
  • It's simple and easy to understand - SuiteSuccess comes with built-in workflows, function roles, dashboards, KPIs, and reporting. 
  • Less downtime - SuiteSuccess allows you to implement NetSuite with the least amount of downtime and disruption to your daily operations. 

Implementing NetSuite Without SuiteSuccess 

SuiteSuccess makes it as easy as possible to implement NetSuite. So, how does the implementation process work if you don't choose SuiteSuccess? 

You have a few options: 

  • Work directly with NetSuite - You can choose to work directly with NetSuite, even without using SuiteSuccess. While this all but guarantees you'll be working with a team that is fully knowledgeable about the software, they aren't always as flexible as third-party providers. 
  • Choose a third-party NetSuite solutions provider - You can shop around for third-party NetSuite solution providers. It's important to find one who specializes in your industry, is dedicated to the success of your company, is capable of customizations your business needs, and will be there for you every step of the way. 
  • Do it yourself - You might think you could save money if you try to implement NetSuite on your own. However, we do not recommend this method unless you're very experienced implementing cloud software and migrating important data. 

If you want a comprehensive overview of the implementation process, check out our NetSuite implementation guide! 

Benefits of Not Using SuiteSuccess: 

SuiteSuccess has a lot of positives to it. However, implementing NetSuite without it also has its benefits: 

  • Full customization - Regular NetSuite implementation allows for full customization of virtually any aspect of NetSuite. Whether it's complex workflows, customized reporting, or unique dashboards, NetSuite can be fully customized to meet your needs. 
  • Integrations - This is a very important aspect of implementation – if you use any other software or programs, it's important to make sure they're integrated with NetSuite. This allows all of your business data to be housed in one place (NetSuite) so you can continue gaining meaningful business insights. 
  • Dedicated team to scale your business - Whoever you choose to work with to implement NetSuite should be a team you form a long-term relationship with. They should be there to help you optimize NetSuite as needed, conduct training with employees, and make sure you're always up-to-date with latest NetSuite updates and features. 

SuiteSuccess vs Non-SuiteSuccess: How They Compare 

Their Goal is to Help Your Business Succeed 

Both implementation methodologies are designed to help your company realize new efficiencies and boost profitability. They were created with the same goal in mind and both will help take your business to the next level. 

They Both Have Solutions for Specific Industries

SuiteSuccess has 16 editions for different industries. Regular NetSuite implementation also caters to solutions by industry, with many different NetSuite modules available to add on. Plus, some third-party NetSuite solution providers have their own packages for this, too. 

They Both Come Standard with The Same Features 

Both SuiteSuccess and non-SuiteSuccess implementations come standard with NetSuite's ERP, CRM, and business analytics. Any additional functionalities will have to be purchased as an edition (for SuiteSuccess) or as NetSuite modules or customizations (for non-SuiteSuccess). 

SuiteSuccess vs Non-SuiteSuccess: How They Differ 

SuiteSuccess Can't Be Customized 

One of the biggest differences is that SuiteSuccess implementations can't be customized. This can be a serious issue if your business requires specific workflows, approval processes, integrations, or any other type of customization crucial to operations. This is usually why we only recommend SuiteSuccess for small businesses. 

SuiteSuccess is the Fastest Implementation Method 

SuiteSuccess promises to get NetSuite live within 100 days, which is a great timeline for software implementation! This is really the only method that guarantees the cloud software will go live by an exact date, without any room for error. 

Implementation timelines can be stretched out for many reasons, usually due to ongoing customizations, unexpected features, or issues discovered during testing. However, because SuiteSuccess is a cut-and-dry implementation, there isn't much room for error (and therefore delays).

SuiteSuccess Won't Go Over Budget 

Another main concern with business owners implementing software is that it could go over budget. While this doesn't always happen, it isn't uncommon. 

Choosing SuiteSuccess guarantees your implementation project will not go over budget, as everything is set up with specific parameters, sans customizations or integrations — the main reasons for budget increases. 

Need Help Deciding if You Should Use SuiteSuccess? 

Whether you're still on the fence about using SuiteSuccess or are ready to move forward with your NetSuite implementation, we have a NetSuite-certified team standing by and ready to help! 

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