SuiteCommerce: How SCS Cloud Designs Your eCommerce Solution

The seismic shift towards online shopping is real; as are the ever-increasing expectations of consumers. 

Nowadays, shoppers aren’t hoping you have a fully integrated eCommerce platform. They expect it. And worse, not finding one, they walk away if it’s not the first thing they see when Googling your product or service.

Talk about getting the cherry on top without ordering it. 

Spoiled by the standards of yesteryear, or simply a sign of the times that aren’t changing (because they’ve changed already), the customer is usually right—which means businesses must embrace new solutions to attract shoppers and stay competitive in their markets. 

For many, that solution is SuiteCommerce.

NetSuite dashboard

SuiteCommerce is the defining piece of the ERP/eCommerce equation. It marries NetSuite’s order management, inventory, CRM and financial capabilities with its eCommerce functionality. In other words: a truly holistic solution. 

NetSuite KPIs

So let’s look at SuiteCommerce, its features, benefits, and the transformative impact it can have on your eCommerce operations—(insert shameless plug) provided you work with the right partner. 


SuiteCommerce is eCommerce, centralized. 

Whether you operate an online store or physical retail location or even engage in B2B sales, SuiteCommerce helps build a consistent brand experience, product information, and customer data across all touchpoints. This holistic (there’s that word again) approach is a gateway to streamlined operations and, ultimately, the best possible customer experience.

When you partner with SCS Cloud for your SuiteCommerce implementation, we focus on several key parameters to ensure the ROI for your business matches the objectives you’re striving to achieve. These areas include: 

Streamlined Operations

Consolidating your eCommerce and back-office systems using  SuiteCommerce, which, in turn, simplifies your day-to-day operations while simultaneously reducing manual processes and errors. The result we commonly see: a renewed focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Responsive Design

You’ve probably noticed that mobile devices and apps dominate the digital landscape. Well, we lean in this. Built into the SuiteCommerce model is an understanding of how responsive websites drive the customer experience. This includes sophisticated web design templates that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, thus improving user experience, positively impacting SEO ranking, and driving more organic traffic to the site

Global Support

Because, let’s face it, the world is not half as big as it used to be, we work with businesses with a global reach to leverage SuiteCommerce. The solution easily supports multiple currencies and languages, making a consumer checking out in Rajasthan, India, as seamless as the customer checking out from Austin, Texas. This enables you to cater to a far more active and diverse consumer base and gives any company, no matter its size, the same strengths to compete on the global stage.

Manage Suppliers And Stock Levels

Tracking inventory and order processing go hand-in-hand with company success. So the fact that we can integrate SuiteCommerce with your NetSuite's inventory processes and thus provide real-time updates on inventory levels, order status, and customer information is…game-changing. 

Automate Your Marketing

SuiteCommerce comes out of the box with built-in marketing tools that allow you to create and execute email campaigns, promotions, and winning SEO strategies. We can help you use these tools to help target your prospect’s activity and identify when leads shift from cold to hot and every key touchpoint in between.  

Real-time Analytics

Data drives decisions. Decisions determine results. So, in our metric-driven world, it goes without saying how important it is to have ready access to real-time analytics. SuiteCommerce empowers you with deep insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and inventory levels. Used and presented, these analytics can translate into informed decisions that contribute to improved business. 



When it comes to SuiteCommerce, we at SCS Cloud like to work with you to personalize every customer’s experience. In addition to the obvious benefits (outlined above), we do that through any number of customizations, including: 

Personalized Experience 

Leveraging the unified SuiteCommerce approach, we enable personalized marketing campaigns and promotions, helping shape a memorable shopping experience that improves brand loyalty and repeat business. 

Customization Capabilities

Our expert designers can create just about any kind of customer experience. From the page layout to the interactive design, we study your business and treat its culture and face as unique. Then, we use SuiteCommerce to develop a brand-savvy user interface that’s ideal for your brand's aesthetics and your online store. 

Customer Portals

Often overlooked, the customer portal enables customers to get answers, complete transactions, submit support issues and, in general, receive the rapid service they’re expecting. Offering a wide range of self-service options and an appealing interface, we can help you significantly elevate customer satisfaction.


Exceeding customer expectations is always the objective. To accomplish that requires SuiteCommerce and the ability to redesign and tailor its capabilities to the vision you have for your customers. 

What makes SuiteCommerce a bonafide powerhouse in the eCommerce space is its flexibility and customizations—in other words, its ability to shapeshift to fit your brand and your company’s needs. 

Our cloud software experts at SCS Cloud are ready to help develop and implement the eCommerce solution you’ve been looking for: SuiteCommerce. It’s just a click and a call away. 

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