NetSuite Tutorial: Shortcuts

     This tutorial covers how to add shortcuts to the shortcuts portlet in NetSuite's home dashboard.

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What is NetSuite's Shortcuts Portlet? 

     The shortcuts portlet contains a list of shortcuts set up by default for your role. It's essentially a portlet with helpful links to reports or other areas of NetSuite that are most relevant to you and your job. Similar to other helpful portlets such as the reminders portlet or the recent records portlet, the shortcuts portlet is here to make your NetSuite experience as seamless as possible. 

Add New Shortcuts to the Shortcuts Portlet 

You can add a new shortcut by: 

  • Hover over the shortcuts portlet header, then hover over the menu icon  
  • Click the new shortcut link 
  • A box pops up that allows you to add a shortcut to any link! All you do is name the shortcut and paste in the URL

Clicking on the new shortcut link from the shortcuts portlet. 

Adding a Link to a Company Record

     For the purposes of this tutorial, we're going to show you how to add a link to a company record. First, we need to get the URL from that record to be able to add it to the shortcuts list. 

  • Navigate to the customer list (customers > relationships > customers) and click view on the record you want to add to the portlet. Keep in mind, you can follow this same process for any record type! 
  • Copy the URL from the web browser's address bar 
  • Repeat the steps to add a new shortcut link above: 
    • Navigate back to the home dashboard by clicking on the home icon in the top left
    • Hover over the shortcuts portlet header, then hover over the menu icon  
    • Click the new shortcut link 
    • Type in the name for the shortcut and paste in the link you copied from your web browser 
    • If you want the shortcuts portlet link to open in a new window, check the "open in a new window" box

Example of adding a new shortcut to the portlet by pasting in any URL. 

Reorder Links in the Shortcuts Portlet

     When you add a new link to your shortcuts portlet, it automatically shows up at the end of the list of shortcuts. If you want to change the order of shortcuts in the portlet, hover over the header and press setupClicking on the set up link from the shortcuts portlet menu. 

     You'll see a list of all shortcuts that are currently in the portlet. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find your new link and click the shortcut you want to move, then drag and drop it to wherever you want it to go. 

     Once you're done reordering, click save. 

Moving around shortcuts in NetSuite's shortcuts portlet. 

SCS Cloud's NetSuite Experts Are Here to Help! 

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