NetSuite Reminders Portlet Tutorial

     The reminders portlet seen on NetSuite's home dashboard is a standard portlet used to alert the user if a record meets certain criteria. For example, you could set it up so you're reminded if a new customer hasn't received their welcome call, or a new order hasn't been invoiced yet. 

     NetSuite's reminders portlet is a great way to stay on top of everything in NetSuite!

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How to Setup a Reminders Portlet in NetSuite

     Here's how to add the reminders portlet to your NetSuite dashboard and customize it for your specific needs. 

Add the reminders portlet to your home dashboard:  

  • Click personalize in the upper right corner — this menu shows icons of each portlet that can be added to your NetSuite dashboard, as seen in the screenshot below.
The personalize button allows you to add the portlet to your dashboard.
  • Click the arrow icon to scroll through available portlets until you see the reminders portlet 
  • Click on the reminders portlet. Now, you'll see it displayed on your home dashboard! 
Reminders portlet shown on the left side of NetSuite's home dashboard after being added by the user. 

Why Don't I See Any Data in the Reminders Portlet? 

     Keep in mind that when you first log in to NetSuite, this portlet usually doesn't contain any information. This is because the portlet shows information based on changes the user makes to NetSuite, such as adding a new sales order record or updating a quote. So if you're a new user just logging in for the first time, there won't be any actions for the reminders portlet to base data off of. 

How to Use NetSuite's Reminders Portlet Choosing the "set up" option from NetSuite's reminders portlet menu. 

     Reminders portlets are usually configured for a user when the system administrator sets up their account. That said, it's possible to customize your reminders portlet to fit your needs. 

Adding reminders to your portlet: 

  • Hover over the top of the reminders portlet until you see the menu bar 
  • Click the set up link in the dropdown menu
  • A menu pops up showing all current reminders on the right. Note: you'll probably see more "current selections" here than the information shown in the portlet because the information only shows up if a record meets the reminder's criteria. 
  • The left column shows all reminders that can be added to the reminders portlet. Click on any reminder to move it to the right column. 
  • Click save when you're finished adding (or removing) reminders and the portlet will refresh in real time.  

Adding new reminders to NetSuite's reminders portlet, with available options on the left and existing reminders to the right.

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