Netsuite Recent Records Portlet Tutorial

     Portlets are visual plug-ins that can be added or moved on your NetSuite dashboard. The recent records portlet shows a list of records that have been recently created, modified, or viewed. 

     This Netsuite tutorial will teach you how to use the recent records portlet in Netsuite.


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What is the Recent Records Portlet? 

     The recent records portlet is a standard portlet found on the home dashboard that shows records in NetSuite that have been recently accessed. While the recent records portlet is towards the bottom in this tutorial, it could be in another spot depending on how you arranged your dashboard. 

     There are 12 records shown in sequence with the most recently accessed on the top, however, you can access more by clicking on the ALL RECENT RECORDS link. 

     The icons on the left designate the type of record for each entry. You can also view the record’s name and date it was last opened. Recent records are sortable by any of these fields if you click on the title of the record. Recent records portlet in NetSuite, showing a list of records on the left side of the dashboard. 

How to Use NetSuite’s Recent Records Portlet

     To use NetSuite’s recent records portlet, click the title of one of the records. Navigating NetSuite's recent records portlet by clicking on the name of a customer. 

     If a customer record isn’t located in the recent record portlet when you want them to be, you can search for the name of the customer, click on the record, and navigate back to the home dashboard. The name of the customer you've just viewed will now be at the top of the recent records portlet. 

     Additionally, recent records can be accessed from any page by hovering over the records icon in the upper left. This shows up to 12 recent records.  

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