5 Reasons to Work With a NetSuite Solution Provider

So, your business is shopping around for ERP solutions? 

Whether you're still looking around and comparing different options or have decided you want to move forward with NetSuite, choosing the right provider for your journey can make all the difference.  

Have you ever heard of a NetSuite solution provider? We aren't referring to any company who works with NetSuite — the title of NetSuite solution provider is earned by expert technology firms recognized by NetSuite for their excellence. 

Learn more about what this title means here. Plus, we break down exactly why you should work with a NetSuite solution provider over a non-certified provider. 

What Exactly is a NetSuite Solution Provider? 

A NetSuite solution provider is a company that is endorsed and trusted by NetSuite. 

The title of NetSuite solution provider is earned from a proven track record of success helping businesses set up, implement, and use NetSuite. 

NetSuite set up the Solution Provider Program to support technology firms that are especially dedicated to making Netsuite successful for all of their clients. 

NetSuite provides the following perks for official solution providers: 

  • State-of-the-art engagement program for quick, effective NetSuite implementation 
  • Ongoing training 
  • Advanced support 
  • And more! 

5 Reasons to Work with a NetSuite Solution Provider 

1. They Have Extensive Experience  

 Just because a software company delivers NetSuite doesn't automatically mean they are a NetSuite solution provider. 

That title is earned by proving you have the experience and expertise required to successfully implement NetSuite for a variety of clients. This certification isn't for beginners or agencies with little to no experience implementing NetSuite. 

2. They Stay Up-to-Date With NetSuite Best Practices 

To be a NetSuite solution provider, companies have to stay up to date with the latest NetSuite updates and best practices. 

Technology is ever-changing, and NetSuite isn't any different. You'll want to make sure you partner with a company that is always on top of NetSuite's changes — choosing an official NetSuite solution provider ensures that! 

Instead of an agency with outdated notions of how NetSuite works, or one that ignores any new updates, you'll work with a team that's always aware of NetSuite's newest best practices. Plus, you'll know they can keep your software up to date! 

3. They Offer Advanced Customizations 

A huge advantage of choosing a NetSuite solution provider is they can often provide advanced customizations and add-ons you might not get working directly with NetSuite. 

NetSuite solution providers usually have entire developer teams dedicated to NetSuite customizations.

For example, here at SCS Cloud, we've custom-developed our own suite of NetSuite add-ons and NetSuite integrations. This makes it a LOT easier (and affordable!) for our clients to add on custom features — instead of having us custom-code what you need, we can use something we've already built for that exact purpose!  

With agencies that are so familiar with how NetSuite works, it's easy to make NetSuite work for your exact business needs with any kind of custom development you need. 

4. Everything is Handled from Start to Finish 

A NetSuite solution provider worth their salt will handle everything related to your NetSuite implementation from start to finish.  

A NetSuite solution provider helps with: 

  • Planning - Need help mapping out your company's workflows? Not sure if you captured everything? Your NetSuite solution provider can help. 
  • Pricing - The price of NetSuite isn't straightforward because each instance varies so much. A NetSuite solution provider can put together a quote for you that fits your timeline and budget. 
  • Implementation - Your NetSuite solution provider will handle every aspect of the implementation, from data migrations to integrations, and finally setting the software live.  
  • Custom development - If your business requires advanced custom solutions, it should be absolutely no problem. Your NetSuite partner should have developers who can make the solution fit your exact needs. 
  • Support and training - NetSuite solution providers can even provide all of the necessary training! But, more on that in our next point… 

5. They Can Provide Ongoing Support & Training 

This perk isn't something that's guaranteed with just any NetSuite partner. Setting NetSuite live is a huge feat. However, it won't be successful if your employees don't understand how to use it and don't adopt it the way they should. 

Instead of worrying about how to handle confused, frustrated employees who don't understand how to navigate NetSuite, make sure the NetSuite partner you choose is qualified to handle ongoing training and support

Whether it's basic support, advanced training sessions, or individualized walkthroughs, a NetSuite solution partner has all the resources to successfully manage this for you.  

Ready to Work with a NetSuite Solution Provider? 

As a NetSuite solution provider, we're well-qualified to take care of all of your NetSuite needs.  

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