In this video Bobby explains the functionality of one of our most popular bundles for NetSuite. This can be quickly implemented and customized to specific customer needs.



     Today I am going to walk through the customer prepayment process using SCS Cloud's prepayment bundle.

     I'm going to start here at the sales order record and hover over to create new and click prepayment. This is going to generate a new prepayment record which we'll see brings over my sales order total, my sales order number, my customer, and subsidiary all from the sales order record. Now I can enter in a prepayment percentage that will auto calculate my amount or I can enter my amount directly, whichever makes the most sense for this prepayment.

     I will go ahead and scroll down and see under the notes sections if I want to add additional notes or files to this prepayment. I'll confirm that the amounts are correct and click save so now I've generated my prepayment record which we'll be able to see under the billing sub tab of the sales order here under the prepayments and we'll see that I've generated prepayment 1002 which is 50 of our sales order total of 9,000 for 4,500. 

     When I want to send this prepayment to my customer I'll click on the prepayment record and click print. This will be my prepayment information so this is the printed form that comes with the standard bundle. This is highly customizable and can be modified using advanced pdf if needed, but we'll stick with the standard printed form for today. 

     Once the customer sends payment for the prepayment I'll go ahead and click on create deposit and this is going to generate a deposit customer deposit. We're now using the the native customer deposit feature in netsuite, so you'll see that my prepayment amount and my sales order record comes over automatically. I'll confirm that my checking account is correct and confirm any other additional information that is added to the deposit record as needed. I'll click save now we'll see that the deposit has been generated. Once I generate the invoice for the sales order I'll see that under the related transactions, a deposit application was auto-generated for this invoice. 

     Essentially what we've done today was generate a prepayment record against a sales order, printed the prepayment record, generated a customer deposit against that prepayment record, and moved that sales order through to invoicing, where we see that the customer deposit was automatically applied against the related invoice.

     If you're running into issues with prepayments and would like to speak with us about our prepayments bundle or another bundle, email us to schedule a free consultation.

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