Non-profit Success with NetSuite

3 Common Problems in Non-Profits and How NetSuite can Help

NetSuite has deep experience with non-profits, thus having gained an understanding of both the joys and frustrations of building a successful NGO (non-government organization). 

When running well, you generate support, have the materials you need, and expand like any other business--but with the added purpose of a humanitarian, educational or other mission at the heart of operations.

But NGOs also experience some headaches and frustrations that many other businesses would not understand.

NetSuite does, and has built tools to help you succeed as a non-profit.

Situation 1: Donor Cultivation

Crucial to the success of any non-profit is the visibility of resources. Not only are there required actions, such as procedures to document and reporting to state, national, or international agencies, but also visibility helps track where donations are going and how they are being used.

Especially as a non-profit expands and gains support from high-profile donors, being able to clearly delineate a donation trail:

  • Increases donor engagement
  • Reduces time spent gathering vital donor information
  • Improves the paper trail by which you can cultivate additional (sometimes similar) donors
  • Provides all donor data at your fingertips, with a comprehensive system that can link email or other correspondence notes in the same platform as financial information/donation tracking

Support from donors, grants, and other financial trails need to be visible.  The cloud-based, real-time operation of the cloud, powered by NetSuite is ahead of the pack for ERP systems for nonprofits.  

Situation 2: Coordinating Volunteers

While organizations of every size have employees, NGOs frequently also “employ” volunteers and supporters.  Being able to engage support, track that support, and follow reporting channels, is straight forward with NetSuite.

  1. Having a single platform means no need to enter hours, services, and other data in multiple locations or spreadsheets.  Paid, unpaid, commissioned, bonused and complex payroll functions are all in one place. With NetSuite, even needed forms and receipts are in the same platform as payroll functions, making everything from invoicing and accounts receivable, to timecards and payables, coordinated in real-time.
  2. For those organizations with international operations, NetSuite OneWorld works across international boundaries, with many languages, taxations and currency--consolidated financials easily available to appropriately designated users.
  3. Since marketing functions are in the same platform, NetSuite makes it easier to keep everyone coordinated, track real-time analytics of engagement and response, and otherwise improve marketing, volunteerism and engagement.

For many NGOs, volunteers are the life blood of your organization, NetSuite improves the coursing.

Situation 3: Reducing Administrative Costs

Since NGOs and volunteer organizations report to their supporters, it is common to try to reduce operating expenses and channel more resources toward your mission and goals.

Gaining financial support for infrastructure can also be difficult, since upgrades can be costly.

Many non-profits get stuck using outmoded systems, which also do not scale well as you expand.

NetSuite works differently.  It eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome on-site computing and storage solutions, which require service and regular upgrades.  

With streamlined administrative functions in a single platform and monthly predictable cost of operating, NetSuite reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for non-profits.

Partner with the Experts

Though NGOs face unique challenges, NetSuite is committed to innovation, enhancement and transformation.  Many FORTUNE 100 companies rely on NetSuite, many NGOs already use it, making NetSuite the leading provider of cloud-based financials/ERP (enterprise resource planning) and omnichannel commerce software applications. 

Why not partner with the experts for your non-profit?

At SCS Cloud we are your premier Oracle + NetSuite business solution provider.  Contact us to find out how we can help you solve the problems nonprofits face, enabling you to further your own mission.

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