Epicor vs NetSuite: Which ERP Software is Best?

We've been in the cloud software business for a long time, so we've encountered virtually every ERP on the market. Even though NetSuite is our primary focus regarding ERP software, it's beneficial to compare and contrast NetSuite against other ERP solutions. 

This article compares Epicor vs NetSuite: both are established, well-known players in the space. While we can only tell you exactly which ERP software is best for your business if we know all the details, we can provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. 

What is Epicor? 

Epicor has created industry-specific software for over 50 years. What started as an accounting solution has become an industry-leading cloud ERP software. 

In their decades of experience, Epicor has serviced 21,000 customers, grown to 4,100 employees, and expanded into 150 countries. 

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a younger company than Epicor — it was started in 1998 as an online accounting software. NetSuite expanded its horizons into a full-fledged cloud software capable of managing every aspect of a company, from accounting to customer relationship management, marketing, and sales. 

While NetSuite is only about half as old as Epicor, the company has supported over 33,000 customers in 217 countries. 

Epicor vs NetSuite  

Here's how Epicor and NetSuite compare in functionality, target industries, deployment options, pricing, and customer support. 


NetSuite and Epicor have similar functionalities for the most part. However, Epicor exceeds in the financial and manufacturing aspects, while NetSuite offers a more comprehensive software suite. 

Here's how the two cloud ERP solutions compare in some of the most important functionalities. Also, this is what each software includes out-of-the-box; NetSuite has many add-ons and integrations that can boost its functionalities. 




Accounts Payable 

Accounts Receivable 


Marketing Automation 


Inventory Management 

Event Management


Supply Chain 

Additional Modules 

Out-of-the-box, Epicor is an ERP and NetSuite comes with the ERP and CRM. Both Epicor and NetSuite have modules that add functionalities, which come at a price. 

NetSuite's modules include everything from advanced financial management to advanced inventory management and professional services automation. Epicor's modules include eCommerce, risk compliance, supply chain and logistics, and business intelligence. 

The bottom line: NetSuite is a much more comprehensive cloud software solution, as it has native CRM, HR management, and marketing automation capabilities. If your business needs those functionalities, NetSuite is probably the better option. 

Target Industries 

One of the biggest differences between Epicor and NetSuite is the industries each company targets. 

Epicor aims for manufacturing and distribution customers and, while NetSuite is very capable of handling those types of clients too, it also works well for professional services, retail, software, and nonprofits. 

NetSuite's target industries: 

Epicor's target industries: 

  • Automotive 
  • Building supply
  • Distribution 
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail 

The bottom line: While NetSuite also targets the manufacturing industry, Epicor has a stronger focus on these niche business sectors. If your company falls into one of those categories, Epicor is a strong cloud ERP contender. 

Deployment Options 

While both solutions have a cloud ERP, Epicor has more deployment options than NetSuite. 

  • Epicor deployment options: Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid 
  • NetSuite deployment options: Cloud 

Epicor only recently launched its cloud software solution, while NetSuite has been in the cloud software space for decades. It's great that Epicor offers the flexibility of on-premise software deployment, but that's only important for some companies. 

The bottom line: Epicor is a clear winner if you want an on-premise deployment. For a reliable cloud software solution, NetSuite is the best choice. 


There isn't a one-size-fits-all price for NetSuite or Epicor. Pricing for ERP software isn't always straightforward: 

  • NetSuite pricing depends on how many user licenses you need, the size of your company, add-on modules, and customizations needed 
  • Epicor pricing is also dependent on how many users licenses you need and add-on modules 

The bottom line: It's only possible to provide a price for either cloud software if you know the exact scope of what your company needs. Contact a trusted NetSuite or Epicor provider for a quote. 

Need Help Choosing Between Epicor & NetSuite? 

We can help! We have to admit we're a bit biased towards NetSuite. However, if you want a walkthrough of how NetSuite could help your business grow its revenue and optimize operations, contact us today!

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