In this video you will learn how to schedule reports using NetSuite's ERP system.




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     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video we will be covering how to schedule a report. Report scheduling is done so that reports can be automatically generated and emailed to the recipient at particular times. This could be done if a sales manager needs all sales numbers by five o'clock each day or the warehouse team needs to track inventory items daily. 

     To schedule a report, click REPORTS. In the SALES CENTER portlet click the report that you want to schedule. In the footer click the SCHEDULE icon. A new window will pop up, first enter the date you want to run this report along with the time. If the time you select is during peak usage hours this will be indicated to the right of the time field. In the sub tab section,  your email address will default as the recipient. Others can be added in the COPY OTHERS field. The MESSAGE sub-tab contains a subject and message sent with the report. The message field can include a custom message here. The drop-down menu here allows you to choose how the report will be sent. The ATTACHMENTS tab can be used to attach additional files if needed. If you need a report to be sent to you more than once this can be done by selecting the RUN REPORT MORE THAN ONCE box. Here you can select how often you want the report to be run and mailed to you. This can be configured in any way you like; daily, multiple times daily, or weekly, or only on certain days, et cetera. Once all fields are correct, click SAVE.

     This concludes our video on scheduling reports. Thanks for watching.

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