This installment of our NetSuite Tutorial demonstrates how you can use the quick add portlet.


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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101

     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video we will cover how to use the quick add portlet on the home dashboard. 

     This portlet is used to add various types of records into NetSuite. If the portlet is not displayed, this can be added here by clicking PERSONALIZE in the upper right of the home dashboard, then selecting QUICK ADD.

     The portlet is shown here. The quick add portlet can be set up for different types of information, these can be seen by hovering over the portlet’s header and clicking SET UP. The quick add type can be selected from the drop-down we will select CONTACT. The portlet will change layout and new fields will be displayed relating to adding contacts. These fields will vary based on the type of information being added. We will add our new contact’s information then press SAVE. The contact has now been added to the customer record. 

     We will now select another type by selecting SET UP then PROSPECT. We will now fill in all information and press SAVE. The prospect is now saved. 

     This concludes our video on the use of the quick add portlet. Thanks for watching. 

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