How to Use NetSuite's Quick Add Portlet

     NetSuite's home dashboard has a ton of helpful sections and features. Knowing how to use each section, or portlet, within NetSuite will help improve your efficiency at work! This tutorial and corresponding video will show you how to use NetSuite's quick add portlet. Let's get started!

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What is NetSuite's Quick Add Portlet? 

     The quick add portlet is located in NetSuite's home dashboard -- AKA the screen you see right when you log in. The quick add portlet allows you to add various types of records into NetSuite. It serves as a shortcut for adding new records which, hopefully, streamlines your workflow! 

     A portlet is essentially a word for an additional feature. There are other beneficial portlets such as the reminders portlet, recent records portlet, and navigation portlet. Knowing how to use, navigate, and customize all of these is crucial to becoming a confident NetSuite user. 

How to Use NetSuite's Quick Add Portlet 

     You should see the quick add portlet right on the home page after logging in to NetSuite. If you don't see it, you can add it by clicking personalize in the top right corner of your screen, and selecting quick add. 

Personalizing NetSuite's quick add portlet from the home dashboard. Creating records using the quick add portlet

Creating Records Using the Quick Add Portlet  

     Depending on the type of record you need to quickly create, the portlet will display different fields to fill out. This portlet can be set up to receive different kinds of information. 

  • Hover over the menu in the top right corner of the portlet and click set up 
  • Change the quick add type by selecting the record type you need from the dropdown. Examples include adding a new case, customer, contact, lead opportunity, and phone call
  • Fill out the required information based on the record type you selected
  • Click save 

     The information is now saved correctly! If you need to add different types, you can keep selecting the new type and entering information as needed. 

Don't Struggle with NetSuite — Let SCS Cloud Help! 

     If you still need help even after checking out our NetSuite tutorials, don't hesitate to reach out. We can help answer any questions you have and even provide a free consultation if needed! Contact us today to learn how to become a pro at NetSuite! 
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