In this video you will learn how the parent matrix item works in the NetSuite parent child relationship.

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     Welcome to Netsuite. In this video we will cover the Parent matrix item, why it exists, and what it is used for. 

     A parent matrix item is used when an item exists that has variations such as size or color. The parent matrix item is used as a way to categorize this group of items, such as a shirt or jacket that comes in different sizes. Each size shirt would need to have its own item record to keep track of inventory and sales for that particular item. That shirt with a size would be a child matrix item but would also be connected to the parent matrix item. 

     In our example, we will use the Lodge Jacket. We will search for this item in the global search. By typing the items prefix IT followed by a colon and then the item name. This is the parent matrix item. The child matrix items would be the items below that show size and color. We will navigate to the lodge jacket parent matrix item record to show you this in practice. 

     Once in the item record, you will see that next to the name of the item it says the word MATRIX. That indicates that this is a parent matrix item. Child matrix items will be labeled as a sub item. Most fields in this record have been filled out with basic information. This is done because when a child matrix item is created, it inherits the fields from the parent matrix item. If you scroll down to the bottom of the inventory subtab, you will see that there is no inventory for this item. This is because Parent matrix items cannot be sold since they lack size or color. To view information about the child matrix items connected to this parent matrix item, click the MATRIX GRID VIEW subtab. This shows how much of each item is in stock and it’s sorted by size and color. 

     It is important to keep in mind when creating sales orders that only child matrix items can be added to sales orders and quotes. This concludes our video on Parent Matrix Items. Thanks for watching.

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