How to Use NetSuite's Parent Matrix Item

     NetSuite is AMAZING at inventory management. But how does the software keep everything so organized? It uses matrix items. This tutorial is specifically going to teach you about parent matrix items. 

     Parent matrix item sounds like a complicated term, but don't worry -- our NetSuite experts are here to break everything down for you! This tutorial, and corresponding video, walk you through how to navigate NetSuite's parent matrix items, the information they contain, and how they fit into NetSuite's inventory management.


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What are Matrix Items in NetSuite? 

     NetSuite uses matrix items to simplify inventory data for users. It also helps improve data analysis and keep products organized in an online store if you use NetSuite to power your eCommerce site! NetSuite uses parent matrix items and child matrix items to keep everything organized. 

What is a Parent Matrix Item? 

     Parent matrix items are used to categorize items based on size, color, or other shared attributes. They're necessary for items to have so that NetSuite can easily categorize them into specific groups, such as all shirts that are a size small. To properly keep track of inventory and sales for each product, NetSuite uses these parent matrix items. 

What is a Child Matrix Item? 

     A child matrix item is a subitem of a parent matrix item. For example, a parent item could be a t-shirt and the child item would be a t-shirt in a size small.  meaning it's a variation of the parent item. For example, the parent item could be a jacket and the child item would be a jacket 

How to Navigate NetSuite's Parent Matrix Item 

     In this tutorial, we're going to use the example of a Lodge Jacket. Here's everything you need to know about navigating NetSuite's parent matrix item. 

     Search for the correct item record. Search for the item you want to edit in NetSuite's global search bar. Use the search prefix it: item. So for the lodge jacket, you'd search it: lodge jacket.  

     The top item you see in the search bar is the parent matrix item -- it only lists the main item. The items below that show different sizes and colors are the child matrix items, as seen in the screenshot below. 

A dropdown search from NetSuite's global search bar, displaying both the parent matrix item and child matrix items. 

     Viewing a parent matrix item record. Click on the parent matrix item record. In this record, you'll see the word "matrix" next to the item's name. This means you're currently viewing a parent matrix item. Child matrix items will be labeled "sub item". 

Button next to an item's name that says "Matrix", indicating it's a parent matrix item. 

     You'll notice that most of the fields in this record have already been filled out with basic information. This is because when a child item is created, it inherits the fields from the parent matrix item.

     Parent matrix items don't have inventory. If you scroll down to the bottom of the inventory subtab, you'll see there isn't any inventory for this item. This happens because parent matrix items can't actually be sold since they don't have a corresponding size or color. 

     View associated child matrix items. If you want to view the child matrix items connected to this parent matrix item, click on the matrix grid view subtab. This screen will show the inventory items for each child matrix item, sorted by size and color. 

     Only child matrix items can be added to sales orders and quotes. As we mentioned above, you can't actually sell parent matrix items. They exist to streamline data management and inventory information to all corresponding items. 

Still Struggling with NetSuite? Our Experts Can Help! 

     Whether you need a quick walkthrough or a detailed training course, SCS cloud has a team of NetSuite-certified experts ready to help you with whatever you need! Contact us today to get started. 

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