NetSuite Navigation Portlet Tutorial

     NetSuite's home dashboard uses portlets to keep everything organized. Portlets are boxes used to display important information such as quick links, recent reports, or KPI metrics. 

     This NetSuite tutorial walks you through how to use NetSuite's navigation portlet.


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What is NetSuite's Navigation Portlet? 

     Located on the home dashboard, NetSuite's navigation portlet provides quick links to certain areas of NetSuite. 

     While the navigation portlet is similar to the shortcuts portlet, the main difference is that the navigation portlet categorizes links and provides access to areas of NetSuite specific to your role. NetSuite's navigation portlet, shown at the top of the home dashboard. 

How to Use NetSuite's Navigation Portlet 

     To use NetSuite's navigation portlet, all you need to do is click on the links! They'll take you to the corresponding report or area within NetSuite. 

     Depending on your role, the navigation portlet will contain different links and categories. For example, a sales role might see categories such as sales, sales forecast, operations, and reports, as seen in the screenshot below. Each of these links will generate a report, however, that isn't always the case. 

Example navigation portlet showing categories for sales, sales forecast, operations, and reports. 

     A system administrator will see links that bring them to a certain area of NetSuite, instead of generating reports for them like the sales navigation portlet does. A system administrator's links might bring them to areas such as creating a new user or managing forms. 

Example navigation portlet for a system administrator, showing system tools, user management, customization, and utilities links. 

     When you click on any of the links in the navigation portlet, it will open in a new tab. If you need to navigate back to the home page, you can close the new tab or click the home icon. 

Other Helpful NetSuite Portlets: 

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