This installment of our NetSuite Tutorial demonstrates how you can use the navigation portlet.


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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101


     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video we will cover the use of the navigation portlet. 

     The navigation portlet is on the home dashboard, shown here. The navigation portlet is similar to the shortcuts portlet in that it provides quick links to certain areas of NetSuite. The main difference with the navigation portlet and the shortcuts portlet are that the links are categorized and generally the Navigation portlet provides access to items specifically for your role and contain links to specialized areas of the system that your role may need access to. The links are broken up into categories, in this case we are in a sales role. So the categories are sales, sales forecast, operations, and reports. For instance, the sales by item report under the sales category shows a sales report with sales shown by item. As a note, for this role, all links generate a specific report, but other users, such as the system administrator will have links that bring you to an area specific to that role, such as new user creation or managing forms. We will click on the FORECAST VS. QUOTA link under the sales forecast category. This will open the report in a new tab. The Forecast vs Quota report is now shown here. To navigate back to the homepage exit this tab. 

     This concludes our video on the use of the navigation portlet. Thanks for watching.

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