In this video you will learn how to edit customer records using NetSuite's ERP system.

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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101


     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video we will cover how to edit an existing customer record. 

     From the home dashboard we will navigate to the customer page by clicking on CUSTOMERS in the shortcuts portlet. This shows a list of all customers. We will navigate into a customer record by clicking the VIEW button on the left hand side. Here we have many blank fields which we may have information for. In our case we'll be assigning a sales rep, updating the address, adding a new contact, and updating the payment terms. 

     From the customer record you want to click the EDIT button in the upper left. You will now see most fields are editable. We will start by assigning a sales rep to the account. From the SALES REP drop-down select Sam Smith. Next we will update the address. The address is displayed here. It cannot be edited from this section though, to edit the address you must go to the ADDRESS sub tab. If you are editing an existing address click the PENCIL icon next to the existing address. If you are adding a new address click the PENCIL icon next to the blank field. Add the new address here. If this is a shipping or a billing address select the correct checkbox here. The address is now added. To add a new contact click the RELATIONSHIPS sub tab. This is where all contacts are stored. Press the NEW CONTACT button and fill out any information you have on hand. Press SAVE. The contact is now added. To change the payment terms of this customer, select the FINANCIAL sub tab. In the TERMS drop-down select the correct payment term. After all changes are made be sure to save by pressing the SAVE button in the upper left. All changes have now been saved. 

     This concludes our video on editing customer records. Thanks for watching.

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