In this video you will learn how the Customer Dashboard works in NetSuite's ERP system.

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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101


     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video, we will cover the use of the customer Dashboard.

     The customer dashboard can be accessed by navigating to the customer list, and then hovering over a customer record a new icon will appear. Click on this icon to navigate into the customer dashboard.

     This view shows the user a dashboard specific to the selected customer. The portlets shown on screen may differ based on how your customer dashboard is configured. The Portlets displayed on screen are the Customer Information portlet, which shows customer information; the Key Performance Indicator portlet which shows KPIs related to the customer; the Customer Dashboard Links portlet shows links to various reports or to create transactions for this particular customer; the Transactions portlet shows all transactions related to this customer. The Top 5 Items By Sales portlet shows a portlet with the top 5 sales items purchased by this customer. This can be filtered by date range using the dropdown shown here. The Activities portlet will show a record of all activities related to this customer.

     This concludes our video covering the customer dashboard. Thanks for watching.

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