NetSuite Customer Dashboard Tutorial

     NetSuite contains many different dashboards, and it's not always easy to figure out which one you need to look at to get the most relevant data. In this NetSuite tutorial, we'll walk you through everything you'll find in NetSuite's customer dashboard. From viewing contact info to most commonly purchased items, here's how it works.


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How to Access NetSuite's Customer Dashboard

     Unlike NetSuite's home dashboard, it takes a few clicks to get to the customer dashboard, but it's super easy to get to. 

From NetSuite's main dashboard: 

  • Click on the customers list in the main navigation 
  • Hover over relationships, then click on customers 
  • Scroll through the customer list until you find the customer you need to view the record for 
  • Hover over the customer and an icon will appear to the left
  • Click on the icon to navigate to a customer's dashboard 

Accessing a customer's record in NetSuite by hovering over their business name within the customer list. 

NetSuite Customer Dashboard Portlets 

     Portlets are used to contain different kinds of data and are one of the NetSuite basics every user should know.  

     Once you're in a customer record, you could see different portlets depending on how your customer dashboard is configured. Don't get too confused if you don't see what's in our tutorial video! NetSuite's customer dashboard, showing customer information, KPIs, and helpful links. 

Customer Dashboard Portlets: 

  • Customer information portlet - displays information such as the customer name, company name, status, sales rep, and contact information. 
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) portlet - shows KPIs related to the customer, such as sales, unbilled orders, overdue balance, cases, and forecasts. 
  • Customer dashboard links - links to various reports you can use to view important data or create new transactions for the customer. 
  • Transactions portlet - displays all transactions related to this customer. 
  • Top 5 Items by Sales Portlet - top five sales items purchased by this customer, which can be filtered by date. 
  • Activities portlet - all recent activities related to the customer, such as recent emails, phone calls, or sales orders. 

     While not located in the customer dashboard, other helpful NetSuite portlets include the reminders portlet, navigation portlet, and recent records portlet. You may already be familiar with those (if not, we recommend reading through how to use them!) 

Still Need Help Navigating NetSuite? 

     The NetSuite-certified team at SCS Cloud is here to help! Contact us today to set up a free consultation and find out how you can utilize NetSuite to the best of its ability.

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