In this video you will learn how the Child Matrix Item works in NetSuite's ERP system.

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     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video we will cover the child matrix item. A child matrix item is an item that is a subitem of a parent matrix item, meaning it is a particular variation of the parent item. The parent item would be a jacket and the child item would be a jacket that is a size small and in the color black. 

     To illustrate this we will search for an item from the global search. By typing the items prefix it: then the items name. You will see at the top of the list is the lodge jacket. This is the parent item. Below this is each child item. This part of the name shows what is different about this particular child item. For instance this item name has B L in the name. This indicates that this variation of the lodge jacket comes in the color black and is large in size. As a note whenever you are adding items to a sales order purchase order or quote you will only add child items. Parent matrix items do not have any inventory, only child items have inventory. 

     We will click on the child item to view more information about the item. Notice that next to the name is the words matrix subitem. This indicates that this is a matrix subitem. A matrix sub item is less formally known as a child matrix item. Most fields in this section are the same as other item records with a few exceptions; the first of which is the SUBITEM OF field. This field provides a link to the parent matrix item. While in the inventory subtab scroll down to view the locations of where this item is in stock. That can be seen here. Only child matrix items will have inventory on hand. Parent items cannot because they do not have a size or color. They are placeholders and are used to categorize the child items that belong to them. 

     Click the PRICING subtab to get a breakdown of different pricing options for this item. Those are shown here. The related transaction subtab will give a complete list of all other records that include this item. This could be an opportunity, a quote, purchase order, or sales order. 

     If you have further questions about items in general please watch the video titled item records overview. This concludes our video on child items. Thanks for watching.

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