Here's How NetSuite's Child Matrix Item Works

     NetSuite is responsible for organizing, analyzing, and storing a lot of data. Because of this, it uses specific tools. To manage inventory as efficiently as possible, NetSuite uses something called matrix items. Comprised of both parent and child matrix items, these help keep inventory organized within NetSuite. 

     It might seem daunting at first, but our NetSuite-certified experts put together this guide on how child matrix items work.


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What is a Child Matrix Item? 

     A child matrix item is an item that is a subitem of a parent matrix item, meaning it is a particular variation of the parent item. For example, the parent item would be a jacket and the child item would be a jacket that is a size small and in the color black. 

Viewing Child Matrix Items in NetSuite 

     It's easy to view child matrix items in NetSuite! Here's how to find them and the main differences between child matrix items and other item records. 

Search for an Item Using the Global Search Bar

     Using the global search bar within NetSuite, type it: item name. In this tutorial we're looking for a lodge jacket, so we'll type in it: lodge jacket.  

     The search results will have a few different items, as seen in the screenshot below. The parent matrix item is shown at the top, the child matrix items are shown below, and there are letters that show the characteristics of each child item. For example, if you see B-L, that means the jacket comes in the color black and is a size large. 

Global search of a lodge jacket in NetSuite that shows the parent matrix item, ch ild matrix item, and child item differentiators. 

     As a quick note: whenever you add items to a sales order, purchase order or quote, you can only add child items. Parent matrix items don't have any inventory -- only child items have inventory associated with them. 

View Information on Child Items 

     Click on any child item from the global search to view more information. On any child matrix item, you'll see a box that says "matrix subitem", as seen in the screenshot below. This indicates that you're viewing a matrix subitem -- AKA a child matrix item. 

Button next to the item's name that says "Matrix Subitem', meaning you're looking at the record for a child matrix item. 

     Most fields in matrix child items are similar to other item records, but there are a few differences: 

  • Sub item of - located under the "primary information" menu, this field links to the parent matrix item. 
  • Inventory locations - under the "inventory subtab", scroll down to view the locations where this item is in stock. Remember, only child matrix items will have inventory on hand; parent matrix items can't because they don't have sizes or colors, they simply serve as placeholders to categorize child items. 
  • Pricing subtab - click on the pricing subtab to see a breakdown of different pricing options for this item. This includes pricing information such as percentage discounts, special online prices, or quantity discounts. 
  • Related transactions subtab - shows a complete list of all other records that include this item such as opportunities, quotes, purchase orders, or sales orders. 

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