How to Change NetSuite's Color Theme

     Did you know it's possible to change the color theme of NetSuite? If you want to customize your NetSuite software a bit, this is a great way to personalize it a bit! It only takes a few clicks -- here's how to change the colors in NetSuite.

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How to Change Colors in NetSuite 

     Choosing a new color scheme is one of our favorite NetSuite tips and tricks. Plus, it adds a personal touch to your dashboard. Here's how to change the color theme in NetSuite: 

Clicking on the "set preferences" dropdown from the home dashboard. 

  • From the set preferences page, click on the appearance subtab 
  • In the color theme dropdown menu, select whatever you want your color scheme to be! There are a lot of choices in our tutorial video but, depending on your company's NetSuite settings, you may or may not have all the options shown here.  

Dropdown list showing all of NetSuite's possible color themes, including black, brown, gray, green, light blue, etc.

  •  Once you've made your selection, click save in the top left corner

Looking to Customize NetSuite Even Further? We Can Help! 

     If you need help customizing NetSuite or you're looking for additional training, our NetSuite experts are here to help! We provide custom NetSuite solutions and ongoing support and training. Contact us today for a free consultation!
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