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There is always more than one reason behind the decision to implement NetSuite. And whether those reasons include a fundamental shift in your company’s priorities or simply a need to upgrade your ERP, the hope is that when you engage in the implementation process, it’ll end with a successful Go-Live. 

NetSuite dashboard

So with NetSuite now up and running and, hopefully, meeting expectations in real time, another question comes to mind: 

Can it do more? 

The answer is yes, and the process is otherwise known as a tandem called Support & Optimization


Here’s a widely accepted maxim:


With two major updates per annum and its day-to-day operations taking the lion’s share of its users’ attention, finding the time to fine-tune your NetSuite instance can get tricky. 

It’s one of those “need-to-dos” and “should-be-dones” that slip through the cracks between mounting demands and new business challenges — despite the best of intentions, of course.

All of this makes procuring the correct support services for NetSuite critical because, like any high-powered platform, it requires timely updates and expertise to keep it running smoothly and to overcome the obstacles of running a modern business. 

NetSuite support typically includes some form of knowledge center that contains helpful tutorials and in-depth training courses. That support may also extend to increased prioritization, assistance in configuring NetSuite to your exact specification, and round-the-clock access to NetSuite specialists who’ll help you troubleshoot technical issues however and whenever they arise. 

In summary, NetSuite support provides technical assistance wherever and whenever you may need it.


Determining whether or not you’re getting the most out of NetSuite requires a process designed to scope out performance issues and chart the best path toward optimizing the system.

Put another way, optimizing NetSuite boils down to a top-to-bottom assessment of its existing configuration.

It goes without saying, but NetSuite consultants are the best equipped to conduct such assessments. Deep dives into NetSuite are in itself a specialized field, requiring more than just experience in best practices and optimization methodologies but a knack for teaching users how to drive efficiency and mitigate potential issues. 

So with that said, when’s the right time to optimize NetSuite? Well, that’s different for every business model, user base, and NetSuite setup, but here are a few uniform drivers to look out for — much a driver looking out for indicator lights on their dashboard. 

  • Processes seem inefficient 
  • Lacks real-time visibility 
  • Little or no improvements since Go-Live 
  • Still using outmoded spreadsheets 
  • Still manually inputting data across multiple platforms

Another key one to keep an eye out for is your users expressing frustration with NetSuite.

Having now put that sour taste in your mouth, let’s cleanse the palette. Consider some few core benefits that can result from optimization: 

  • Enhanced operational efficiency 
  • Alleviated, if not fully resolved, performance issues 
  • Automated business processes 
  • Eliminated manual-data gathering

And most importantly: 

The best setup and configuration for YOUR use case


With 90+ in-house NetSuite experts on our roster and some 250+ successful NetSuite implementations to our name, SCS Cloud has developed a Support & Optimization methodology over years of application and experience.

Based on customer case studies, we’ve extrapolated a golden rule of sorts: Achieving the best ROI is determined by how companies optimize their processes and make enhancements that support the changing landscape of their industry.

Our approach to optimizing and enhancing NetSuite is rooted in a business philosophy of continuous improvement. 

We combine this concept (of continuous improvement) with our own technical methodology and engineer a path to improve every facet of the NetSuite platform — as YOU use it

Now, as great as that sounds, let’s not get distracted by frilly wordplay. Let’s get down to brass tacks. 

Let’s talk starting point. 

When we talk Support & Optimization, we start with our in-depth NetSuite Assessment by one of our Senior NetSuite Solution Architects, who will evaluate each area of your NetSuite instance specific to your business and vertical.

Our assessment looks under the hood to evaluate system performance against our checklist of top priorities:

NetSuite Assessment

What results is a blueprint that provides a high-level overview and detailed, actionable steps to reach your ideal state of operation. This blueprint, in turn, leads directly to our Support & Optimization services, where we continue to help you attain the largest ROI and execute projects accordingly.


Following your NetSuite Assessment, our Support Team takes the baton and sprints through the systematic execution of what the assessment blueprint discovered. 

Support Process

And as our joint Support & Optimization lifecycle continues, we’re confident that you will find yourself now supported by a powerful foundation from which your company can achieve continuous improvement and expansion. 

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Following Go-Live, we continue supporting your new system through any growing pains while turning users into a crack team who can expertly operate the software. 


After you’ve joined us in the cloud, our Support Team can remotely access your NetSuite and resolve the most sticky technical issues as if we were in the office sitting right next to you.


Since your NetSuite likely has different access levels for different company positions, our Support Team can train users on their role-specific dashboard, using their own access levels.

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