NetSuite Financial Dashboard Customization, Tips, & Tricks

     Investing in a platform means investing in all of its tools! The NetSuite dashboard is one of these gems! Learn how to create the most optimum view for not only your Financial position but for any role in NetSuite. There are a few tips & tricks that our team has gained from our many years of experience! Align KPIs and view exact expenses and calendars in seconds!

     This extremely simple guide can make reading reports and navigating NetSuite's home dashboard a fun and simple process. Let's up your NetSuite game and create a dashboard that will make your colleagues jealous!

How to Navigate NetSuite's Financial Dashboard 

     After logging in to NetSuite, you'll see your Finance Dashboard on the home page. This dashboard can be customized in many different ways to give you important insights the moment you log in. 

     Here's an example of what a financial dashboard could look like in NetSuite: 

Example of a financial dashboard in NetSuite, showing reminders, KPIs, navigation portlet, and monthly receivables trend. 

Customizing Fields on Your Financial Dashboard

     You can customize any field within your NetSuite dashboard by hovering over the top right corner and clicking set up.  

     For this tutorial, we'll walk you through customizing the KPI field. From the set up menu, you can add custom KPIs, add standard KPIs, or change where they appear on your dashboard.  The set up menu of the KPI dashboard field, showing how you can add standard or custom KPIs, and adjust the location of the field. 

     If you wanted to add standard KPIs, you would select that option and add items to the KPI dashboard by clicking on them from the left field. You can remove them by clicking the red "X". 

     Once you've made all necessary changes, click done. Adding new KPIs to the KPI dashboard by clicking on items in the left column and adding them to the right column. 

NetSuite Financial Dashboard Tips 

     There are a few helpful things to know about navigating your financial dashboard: 

  • Customize any field - click the set up menu from the field's dropdown menu bar to customize any field within your dashboard. For example, you can use this to customize links displayed in your navigation portlet 

Using the set up menu on the calendar field to customize it right from your dashboard. 

    • Quickly access reports - You can access any report or screen within NetSuite by clicking directly on items and reports in the dashboard. This lets you bypass using NetSuite's top navigation bar. 
    • Collapse sections to save space - click on the blue bar at the top of any section within the dashboard to collapse it. The field will be minimized but not removed from the dashboard. 
    • Remove fields - click on a field's dropdown menu and select remove to take it off of your dashboard. 
    • Customize dashboard displays - Click on personalize or layout from the home screen to adjust the layout of your dashboard or add additional fields. 
The personalize and layout menus highlighted in the upper right corner of NetSuite's home dashboard. 
  • Don't forget to save! Once changes are made, always click save and done. 

Need Help Perfecting NetSuite for Your Role? 

     SCS Cloud is staffed with NetSuite-certified experts ready to help you build and customize NetSuite to fit your needs. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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