NetSuite Customization

When considering the world of enterprise resource planning, NetSuite is a brand name that ranks high among the leading powerhouses right out of the box. But for some companies looking to revolutionize their native NetSuite capabilities and expand their reach, certain ERP-related needs may require a more individualistic approach—enter custom development for NetSuite

What does customization mean for NetSuite?

Answer: Many things. 

But, in so many words, customizing NetSuite means configuring the platform to expertly realize the ERP’s full potential as it relates to your specific business and processes.  

Simple, right? 

When considering how to best customize your NetSuite instance, anyone in the know would probably recommend working with an experienced Solution Provider—such as SCS Cloud. That way, you will be able to ensure that your business needs are not only thoroughly understood and mapped out, but perfectly met and baked into the customization itself. 

It should be noted that NetSuite customization can be user-friendly in many respects. Users can configure and customize NetSuite without relying on costly IT expenses or services, leveraging many customization tools themselves and capitalizing on the versatility of NetSuite. 

That said, most line-of-business applications are, for lack of better words, sophisticated, and not your typical plug-and-play software—especially when we’re talking about ERPs. So contending with that degree of technical complexity is often best left to the certified “kids in the room.” But that’s not to say that the above is not worth mentioning. 

Due to the complexity of NetSuite, and the fact that every company’s requirements vary widely from one business venture to the next, it’s virtually impossible to design an all-purpose platform that can meet any and every requirement without some adjustment. 

Thus, NetSuite customization offers any compatible company a level of precision with regard to its core functionalities. These include customization tools that allow users to design their own modules, or even change existing modules to meet better or exceed their current operating requirements. 

NetSuite customization is the antithesis of the “one-size-fits-all” model. It ranges from the smallest customizations, such as adding a new field to a preexisting form, to tasks as complex as redefining the fundamental behavior of transactions as they come into and out of the system. Even things as simple as changing the label name of a field to designing a whole new module from scratch. 

And if that sounds limitless, then just realize that that’s the point. 

So again, when considering customizing your NetSuite instance, going with a group of certified and proven NetSuite experts is, to be blunt, the tried and true method—not to mention often part of a professional NetSuite implementation anyway. 

Assuming you get the point, let’s circle back and emphasize the main takeaway here. 

NetSuite is a powerhouse ERP all on its own. That’s nothing you probably didn’t already know. But, when customized to meet your unique needs and redesigned to your exact specifications, NetSuite can become even more.

It can become your competitive edge over the competition.


Now that we’ve looked at what customization means for our NetSuite-centric purposes, let’s move on to the next point of business. 

Deciding to customize your NetSuite instance is one thing. Determining what needs to be customized within your NetSuite is your Solution Provider's art and specialty. 

Generally speaking, the core areas of customization are consistent within NetSuite. How each area is customized to the company it platforms is the art of it. 

Here are the primary targets we consider when referring to or even planning a NetSuite customization:

  • Specific business needs
  • New functionality, workflows and process requirements
  • Sync to legacy, 3PL applications or other providers
  • Personalizing roles, reports and dashboards
  • Automation
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Implement best practices 

Consider the above as a snapshot of what key areas can be customized. Sure, they may seem obvious, but they commonly yield the highest ROI for users and for that reason bear specific mention. 


In case it wasn’t already apparent, customizing NetSuite is a simple proposition with many inherent complexities. 

But whether it’s adding a custom field or developing applications from the ground up, common customizations include:

Custom fields: 

Custom Fields

These can be added and then applied to your records and transactions to catch and record specific information. 

Custom Records: 

Custom Records

While native to NetSuite, the custom records function can be leveraged in numerous ways to record, organize and categorize employee, vendor and customer records. 



Another customization includes creating workflows that 1) specify business processes and 2) automate that process by prompting actions to occur the instant certain preset conditions are met. 

Reports and Dashboards: 

Reports & Dashboards

Customization also allows the most in-depth reports and personalized dashboards to track key metrics and performance indicators. 


So are you ready to customize your NetSuite instance to your business? 

Well, as a leading NetSuite Solution Provider, SCS Cloud has a team of developers and cloud technology experts who’re ready to collaborate with you and chart the map to discover exactly what you need and exactly where you, and your company, need to go. 

Every customization starts somewhere, and we at SCS Cloud would love for you to reach out to us and find out where yours begins. 

Using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud developer tools, such as SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, SuiteAnalytics, and SuiteBuilder, our developers can customize your NetSuite and help you redefine what most companies think about when they consider that trite phrase, “The sky’s the limit.”

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