NetSuite Commerce Modules

The Basics of NetSuite Commerce Modules

NetSuite's commerce modules are revolutionary for any retail business, whether you operate solely online or run a large omnichannel company. 

There are quite a few different modules within NetSuite's commerce modules, and it's important to determine which one is best for your business. We break down what each module includes here. 

What are NetSuite Commerce Modules? 

NetSuite's commerce modules are tools meant to help you manage your retail business. 

These modules include solutions for any type of retail business, whether you're looking for an eCommerce website builder or a way to improve in-person sales at your brick and mortar location. 

NetSuite created these functionalities to help companies improve profits, streamline retail operations, give staff tools to become more successful, and provide top-notch customer experiences. 

When looking at different NetSuite Modules, keep in mind that you can pick and choose exactly which modules you want. You don't have to purchase all of the NetSuite commerce modules. If you only need an eCommerce website (AKA SuiteCommerce), that's perfectly fine!  

Also, NetSuite Modules are great to stack up together and create a custom NetSuite solution for your business. For example, any of the NetSuite Commerce Modules below pair great with NetSuite's order and inventory management modules. This way, you can optimize customer experience with a commerce module and streamline warehouse operations 

How Much Do NetSuite Commerce Modules Cost? 

It depends. There's not one exact price that applies to NetSuite Commerce Modules. 

The full price of NetSuite depends on the number of users you need, the core license fee, and any NetSuite add-ons, like customizations and modules. 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce 

SuiteCommerce is NetSuite's complete eCommerce solution. From a small local business to enterprise-level companies, SuiteCommerce has all the support you need to optimize your website, sales, profits, and customer experience. 

We want to note that there are quite a few different versions of SuiteCommerce. Check out our ultimate SuiteCommerce guide for in-depth explanations on each version and how to pick the best one for your business — this is just going to be a general overview. 

Benefits of SuiteCommerce include: 

  • Easy to use. Editing your eCommerce website is easy with SuiteCommerce. You can drag and drop elements to quickly edit the layout or content of a page. This makes it simple to add new sales, set up a new page, or edit existing content without needing the help of a website developer. Plus, if needed, you can make some customizations via HTML and CSS code.
  • Save money and stress. Most eCommerce solutions require expensive and frustrating connections to integrate with the rest of your business data. SuiteCommerce is unique in that it's native to NetSuite, so all of your business data is in one place without having to deal with third-party connectors that may or may not work. 
  • Fast order processing. Online orders are automatically sent to NetSuite, so they can be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Streamlined order management means happy customers and more purchases flowing through your business. 
  • Accurate inventory numbers and pricing. Inventory and pricing data on the back-end is automatically synced with what's listed on your website. This means you don't have to worry about inaccurate pricing that could eat into your profits. 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

SuiteCommerce Advanced is the top-tier eCommerce solution. 

SuiteCommerce Advanced includes all of the same features as SuiteCommerce, but with one major difference: it gives you full access to the source code of your website. 

So, why would you need this? And how does access to the source code benefit your business? Access to the source code is really only necessary if you want 100% full control over your website, as it allows you to customize and build anything you want to. 

SuiteCommerce Advanced is popular among enterprise-level companies, as they typically require a lot more support and advanced customizations compared to a small or mid-level business. 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS)

SuiteCommerce InStore is perfect for, well, brick and mortar retailers! It creates a unified, personalized, shopping experience for your customers. Plus, it helps your employees be successful and make more sales thanks to the robust customer data and mobile POS systems. 

With SuiteCommerce InStore, you'll get: 

  • Advanced point-of-sale solutions. While this NetSuite module comes with traditional point-of-sale solutions, you can also equip employees with mobile devices so they can conduct sales or check inventory from anywhere in the store! (You can even use it for a pop-up shop or trade show.) Employees can easily answer customers' questions about available stock on sizing, colors, or different varieties of a product. 
  • Zero integrations. Because SuiteCommerce InStore is connected to NetSuite, all of your sales data will be housed and analyzed right within your cloud platform. You'll always see real-time inventory numbers, sales, and orders. 
  • Informative customer profiles. You can view data for each customer including lifetime spend, preferences, and see timelines of all of their purchases, returns, and even support questions. This helps you optimize your customer experience and even tailor promotions to certain types of customer profiles. Think about how meaningful it would be if your staff can provide recommendations tailored to each and every customer when they visit your store. 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce MyAccount

SuiteCommerce MyAccount is a self-service online account management tool. If you want users to be able to log in to your website to make purchases, pay invoices, and manage subscriptions, this is the perfect NetSuite module for you. 

Overall, the SuiteCommerce MyAccount module will help you improve customer experience and cut back on labor costs, as customers are able to manage tasks on their own. 

A few features of SuiteCommerce MyAccount include: 

  • Automated billing. Customers can view their outstanding balances, account terms, or credit memos. This way, they can access any data they need to see instead of contacting your customer support team for it. 
  • View and pay invoices. Customers are able to see their invoices and make full (or partial) payments. They can also update payment information as needed. 
  • Self-service management. This feature lets customers initiate returns or request a refund or credit on their own. 
  • Easy reordering. Customers will be able to view all of their previous orders, making it easy for them to reorder previous purchases or cancel orders for items they no longer need. 

NetSuite Connector

NetSuite Connector is for businesses that already have an established eCommerce website manager or POS system and don't want to completely switch over to NetSuite for those functionalities. 

While we recommend moving everything over to NetSuite, this is the next best solution if you just aren't ready to fully switch over yet. It will integrate all of your sales and inventory data within NetSuite so you still can gain valuable insights across all platforms. 

NetSuite connector lets you connect the following directly to NetSuite: 

  • eCommerce storefronts (Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, and Walmart) 
  • POS systems
  • Online marketplaces 
  • Third-party logistics providers 

Ready to Improve Profits and Business Operations? 

NetSuite is a powerful tool for any type of retail business, whether you're only brick and mortar, eCommerce, or a mixture of both! 

Set up a FREE consultation with us! One of our NetSuite Solution experts will reach out and help you figure out which NetSuite Modules would be best for you. 

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