Designing our boat that will take us to new destinations as a company




Phase 1: Design

Phase 1: Design is where we shine! In our Phase I: Design, together we author the blueprints for your figurative boat (NetSuite ERP). This design is a hands-on 2-3 day exercise where we evaluate:

  • Process – by evaluating current business processes and designing a future state that yields an ROI on the software investment and creates a platform for future growth (organic or inorganic).
  • People – by designing automation in NetSuite that allows you to grow without having to add headcount.
  • Technology – by evaluating your current applications and ensuring the future state system environment provide real-time reporting, scalability and efficiencies.

Our business process experts specific to your industry lead these design sessions based on their years of experience working with companies similar to yours. Our design document becomes a living breathing document that we use to construct your figurative boat (NetSuite ERP) that will carry us to new places as a company!

The Phase 1 Design will make or break your implementation. In this step we are doing the following:

1. Conduct a 2-3 day on-site workshop focused on your process, people and technology.

2. Authoring a design document that captures all your key business process requirements and summarizing those benefits quantitatively and/or qualitatively.

3. Reviewing and approving the design document with management. We believe in measuring twice and cutting once. A thorough design document will make or break your implementation. Preparing a project plan for Phase II: Configuration based on the agreed- upon design documents.

Project Team

The project team is established before embarking on the implementation. Each team member holds an exact responsibility in the creation and guidance of your implementation. On your side, you will need to appoint a system administrator (smaller companies will typically use the Controller, while larger companies assign this role to IT). Additionally, for the implementation, you will need to assign a project manager on your side that can work hand in hand with our team. We will hand pick from our team to ensure that all specialized business processes are known and understood to ensure a smooth implementation.

Phase 2: Implementation

Phase 2 encompasses construction through to go-live! The phase 1 design is our guide for implementation. Everything before now has been done to lay-out the path to your complete system. The key activities are:

Configuration- Our developers and consultants are prepping your NetSuite system to your company’s exact specifications.

Data Migration- Your information gets organized and uploaded into your new NetSuite system.

Testing/Training- Actual software users in your business test the software to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specifications. Any areas that more information or training is needed in is done at this point and to full satisfaction.

Cut-over/Go-live- At this point in the process your software has been built, your data is in the system and your team is confident in their ability to use the system.

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