How to Dig Out of a NetSuite Rut

Getting the most out of your NetSuite experience isn’t just about efficiency, though that’s certainly part of it.  When you maximize your computing power you spend less time collecting, validating and formatting data and more time planning, strategizing and creating the future of your business.  It would be like going camping and spending all of your time setting up your tent and building a campfire and no time relaxing and eating s’mores.

So here is some advice to dig out of a computing rut and start getting s’more.

Examine How Time is Spent

Employee engagement lowers employee turnover and absences, improves customer service and can increase employee productivity as much as 43%--potentially a huge boost to your bottom line! But when employees get bogged down in paperwork, find themselves duplicating work by entering the same information in incompatible software or reports, or get stuck “clicking around,” unable to navigate their systems, productivity and morale can quickly plummet.

NetSuite works hard to ensure that all of the functions and information needed to do a job, unique to each user profile, are at your fingertips.  With successful implementation and integration to legacy software, repetitive and meaningless tasks should be all but eliminated.

So a quick inventory of employee time is a good investment.  Are sales team members able to focus on client needs, or spending excessive time generating a quote?  Do service team members have all of the information needed to quickly and fully resolve a client issue?  Or do they find themselves conducting extensive research before even being ready to respond?  Does invoicing, shipping, and reconciliation of inventory occur quickly and without any trouble?

Identifying where tasks take longer than they should, can help target areas for improvement.

Determine Where Bottlenecks Occur

Another key area of frustration for many organizations has to do with bottlenecks in service, support, or other functions of the group.  Bottlenecks often look like:

  • Disorganization
  • Overworked employees
  • Confusions
  • Unanswered requests
  • Missing information
  • Fractured communication, where needed data does not get communicated in a timely manner to the appropriate people

Naming where these bottlenecks occur, with specific observations, can also go a long way toward assisting in improvement.

Spot Where the Fires Start

Another angle to examine to make some systematic improvements has to do with anywhere emergencies frequently occur.  Where are the fires, which need to be put out?  In what area or with which individuals do those emergencies begin?

With NetSuite, you should have the tools to better analyze, forecast and act on business intelligence, and less time putting out fires.

Identifying where the fires start can help extinguish the problem before it burns again.

Get the Support You Need

Your NetSuite consultant is trained to help provide you with the support to make the most out of your NetSuite experience.  By carefully examining your organizational time wasted, bottlenecks, repetitive tasks, and/or source of fires, you should be able to help set up your NetSuite platform in such a way to help reduce, eliminate, or prevent these situations from occurring.

NetSuite comes with key performance indicators (KPI’s) for each user role, with the potential to customize, as needed, beyond those KPI’s.  You no longer have to rely on outdated systems and software which do not communicate to one another.  You can reconcile disparate systems, and get all aspects of a business coordinated.  

Those key factors help maximize the potential of each aspect of a business, improve coordination, empower employees, and boom your business.

So if you are seeing slowed growth, feel stuck in a rut within your NetSuite potential, or otherwise do not see your team maximizing their potential, contact us.  We will partner in your success, and provide the support you need to skyrocket into the clouds.

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