How NetSuite And Its Partners Work Together

Considering adopting NetSuite as your ERP system, but don’t know where to start or how to evaluate what the implementation process will look like? An experienced NetSuite partner can help you determine your needs and execute your implementation and migration.

What does a NetSuite partner do?

Due to their smaller size and agility, NetSuite partners can be an excellent direct line of support. They can answer your questions about NetSuite products and how to improve your processes and best practices. 

NetSuite partners can share pricing and buying options on the best way to get the platform to suit your needs. These partners typically spend all their time working in NetSuite and know how to utilize its functionalities across different businesses. Consultants know the best way to implement NetSuite that can save a company a lot of time and money. 

"But, we already have expert IT staff."

Working with a NetSuite Partner during the implementation process has many benefits, including:  

An Integration Team: A partner’s integration team will help you roll out on time without unnecessary headaches and a minimal impact on your customers despite the many moving parts involved in an implementation. 

Great Advice: A partner will help you get the most out of NetSuite by giving advice and implementing functions that help transform your business. For example, they may suggest adding a consolidated invoice feature to improve billing, which translates to customer satisfaction and a faster collection process—something you may otherwise have not considered. 

Data Migration: Migrating data after an acquisition requires bringing together data from various repositories and removing manual processes such as revenue recognition. Having this handled by a NetSuite partner allows you to concentrate on your business while experts deal with the migration for a smooth go-live. 

Reduced Risk: When you select the right partner, you can reduce your risk with planning, implementation, and deployment. Using the experience of the right partner, you can leverage all of the features available in NetSuite.

Training and Support: Your NetSuite partner can help your team get the most out of NetSuite and keep it running well by providing training and support services on an ongoing basis. Your team will be able to stay up-to-date on all of the relevant best practices for your business while having access to an expert they can call on if they run into any problems.

Support Beyond Regular IT Staff  

You may already have experts in general IT knowledge. Some may even have ERP experience, which may lead you to wonder if you need a NetSuite partner to help with a successful implementation.

The difference is that NetSuite partners spend a lot of time with the software. Their expertise allows them to see potential issues with your implementation before they occur and suggest ways of avoiding costly delays.

Additionally, your IT team has regular responsibilities. A NetSuite implementation can be a tremendous drain on their resources, leaving them unable to adequately support your network and other business software, which can create bottlenecks and additional unnecessary challenges.

Why Partner With SCS Cloud

You need a NetSuite partner you can count on that is honest and reliable with transparent prices. While many companies appear to meet these requirements, some tack on a lot of extra charges when implementations encounter issues or require additional customization. 

We have worked with clients in various industries and know that each implementation is unique, with unexpected issues popping up as the norm and not the exception. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible approach that allows us to follow established best practices while adjusting to each client’s specific needs.

A Flexible Approach to Support Your Unique Business

Our two-phase approach incorporates an initial design phase before the start of the implementation process. This allows us to map out your internal processes and put them visually on paper. Then you can redefine it and determine your next steps forward. 

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