Power Up NetSuite Opportunity Management with HoneyCRM

     Has your sales team ever been frustrated using NetSuite's CRM? Maybe they found the dashboards confusing, had trouble navigating the software, or wanted to see more relevant data. 

     While NetSuite's CRM is functional out-of-the-box, we found a few ways to make it way better. Our custom-built NetSuite addition, HoneyCRM, directly integrates with NetSuite to streamline your sales process and move prospects through the pipeline more efficiently than ever. 

     Conveniently accessible from any mobile device, HoneyCRM is something your sales reps will actually want to use. Here's how HoneyCRM works and how it can make your sales team more efficient. 

What is HoneyCRM? 

     Netsuite is an all-in-one cloud software solution, combining ERP, PSA, eCommerce, financial management, and CRM. While it's an incredibly powerful software that excels at all of the above, additional NetSuite add-ons can enhance usability, increase functionalities, and simplify workflows. 

     HoneyCRM focuses on improving NetSuite's CRM. Get ready for this to become your sales team's secret weapon —  it helps NetSuite opportunities move smoothly through your pipeline, contains a more visually appealing management dashboard, is designed for use on mobile devices, and provides sales insights and analytics. 

     SCS Cloud is dedicated to making your business processes as efficient as possible. We built a series of custom NetSuite apps, called HoneyApps, to solve our customer's most common pain points. Designed by our experienced NetSuite developers, HoneyCRM is part of this HoneyApps framework. It contains different NetSuite extensions and apps that can be quickly and easily integrated into your NetSuite platform. (Don't have NetSuite yet? Check out our NetSuite implementation services!

Benefits of HoneyCRM

     Why would you need to upgrade from NetSuite's regular CRM to HoneyCRM? If you have a busy sales team, opportunities that don't seem to be making it through your sales pipeline, or simply want a more efficient CRM system, this was built for you. 

Easily Update Opportunities 

     HoneyCRM makes updating opportunities easy! It includes a drag-and-drop functionality that allows sales reps to quickly update the status of opportunities. Another bonus? No more clicking around just to edit a prospect's record — there's one-click editing for all open opportunities. 

Faster Adoption by Sales Teams 

     HoneyCRM makes NetSuite so easy to use, your sales team will get used to it faster. We distilled existing, lengthy menu items into the most important tasks so users aren't bogged down by poor usability. 

     This improves the sales rep's abilities to manage open opportunities and create new records in NetSuite. While it will still require some onboarding, it's much faster than onboarding with NetSuite's overcomplicated menus. Plus, we provide ongoing NetSuite support and training so you're capable of applying NetSuite to your daily work life. 

Improved Data Visualizations & Tracking 

     Looking at too many reports and graphs can quickly get overwhelming. With HoneyCRM, you'll get insight into your CRM pipeline at a glance. Say goodbye to all that time spent digging through NetSuite transactions or bland forecasting reports! We've included the most relevant information, such as deal stage and last time contacted. We also expanded CRM dashboards and tracking, providing a comprehensive overview of the sales pipeline. 

Mobile-Friendly CRM 

     On its own, NetSuite's CRM is not very mobile-friendly and it's pretty difficult to work with on a mobile device. HoneyCRM is 100% mobile-friendly and simple to use. Users can change the status of opportunities in NetSuite right from their phones! 

Ready to Streamline NetSuite's CRM? Schedule a Free Demo!

     Interested in seeing exactly how HoneyCRM works? Schedule a free demo with us so we can show you the ropes and answer any questions you have.

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