This installment of our NetSuite Tutorial will teach you how to use the global search bar in NetSuite.


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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101


     Welcome to NetSuite. In this Video, we will be covering the use of the global search. 

     The global search is located at the top of the screen and will display on any page within NetSuite the global search allows the user to search all information their role has access to by typing text in the global search field. 

     As an example, we will search for an item called the Lodge Jacket. To navigate to this record click the name in the drop-down menu. If your role has rights to edit the record being searched for you can also do that here by clicking the edit link that appears once you hover over the item. The global search will return all records that meet your search criteria. 

     To narrow down the results to a specific type of record, use the prefixes feature. This is used by taking the first few letters of the record type followed by a colon and then typing the search text. As an example to search for items type “IT:” then the item name. To search for a customer record, you can type “CU:” or “CUS:” and this will return only customer records. To search for an invoice, we would type “IN:” followed by an invoice number. On screen is a list of prefixes available to use in Netsuite. 

     This concludes our video on the global search. Thanks for watching.

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