Getting Rid of HR Headaches

In all likelihood, no one understands the crossroads of the functions of a business better than a human resources department. Where finances and legalities, business needs and federal/state regulation, personnel demands and personal requests all pile in, you have a human resources department keeping everything rolling along smoothly.  Regardless of business size, HR deserves support.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to minimize the administrative paperwork time of HR departments, making it possible to focus on the vital functions of the organization that HR does best.  The tools even exist to provide HR with real-time metrics for decision-making and projection.

Over 40,000 businesses use’s why your HR wants to be one of them.

HR Troubles and Real Solutions

HR departments across industries have voiced their concerns, complaints and troubles-- and NetSuite listened. 

NetSuite SuitePeople is cutting edge technology built, from the ground up (into the cloud!) with completely customizable solutions.  Here are some of the top complaints of HR, and what NetSuite can do about them.

The complaint: Repetitive, duplicative and manual HR data, payroll processes and reporting.

The solution: The biggest headaches in HR tend to stem from some version of this complaint: processes are cumbersome and repetitive, and then when management and the workforce do not understand them, HR spends a great deal of time answering questions, creating additional (and repetitive) solutions, or otherwise handling duplicative tasks.  Wouldn’t it be great to have something that handles all of these functions in a way that is intuitive?

Fortunately, there is.  On the HR side, SuitePeople offers integrated timecard, benefits, and even expenditure tracking. On the managerial side, reports and metrics are instantly available.  On the employee side, data is easy to enter, correct, and track.  Every user has a fully customizable dashboard that is easy to use.

The complaint: Workforce planning, from recruitment to new hires, training steps and management training, can be difficult to track and steps get missed.

The Solution: Workforce planning is vital to long-term business success and expansion.  With experience gathered from thousands of businesses from every size, NetSuite offers the new hire tracking, data-driven performance analyses and workforce planning tools to make it easier than ever.  You need to have decision-making data at your fingertips, NetSuite makes it happen.

The Complaint: Legalities and security issues from a number of interested parties, all need to be managed.

The Solution: Personnel data, taxation data, federal, state and municipal regulations and taxes, sometimes even laws across borders--HR departments have many variables affecting data, who has access to it, protecting that data, and keeping it all in compliance with appropriate regulation (and changing guidelines).  NetSuite makes it simple, with all of the needed data for virtually any industry built-in, and instant updates when changes occur.  

HR Implementation Concerns and Real Results

Even with the process of improved technology can come some additional concerns:

  • How long will implementation take?
  • Will it really be customizable?
  • Will all of my systems really be fully integrated?
  • Will training be a headache?

We understand.  Every new system has a learning curve.  But we’re experts in making this a smooth process.  We will understand your workflows and present real, testable solutions, before implementing them.  Then, we will provide all needed support to see this through.  

We are so certain your life will get easier with NetSuite, we are willing to state it in such strong terms: 100 days or less to implementation; fully customizable roles and security levels; smooth, seamlessly integrated business solutions; training that works.

Still not sure?  Call us for a free consultation, and let us show you how to cure your HR headaches.

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