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Cloud computing was once considered the future of business technology. In today’s fast-paced, Internet-focused landscape, cloud software has become a very real and present part of running a company. The Cloud is now the state-of-the-art standard for accounting, customer service, strategic planning, and virtually every other aspect of any enterprise. However, networking dozens of devices together and storing vast quantities of data on remote servers is a complex task. Even if you purchase an excellent software system such as NetSuite, expert advice, and customized service can help you maximize the advantages of this technology. That’s where SCS Cloud comes in.

Our team of seasoned specialists, qualified consultants, skilled programmers, and dedicated developers come together to deliver outstanding service. SCS Cloud is a US-based, Certified NetSuite Solution Provider and a NetSuite Five Star Award Recipient, both indicators of our exceptional aptitude with and comprehensive knowledge of this software. We provide personalized consulting, Cloud implementation assistance, tech support, and team training. In addition to these offerings, SCS Cloud custom develops add-on applications to make NetSuite even better.

Bundle Basics

The SCS Cloud team creates Bundles to expand NetSuite’s already impressive functionality and serve our clients’ particular preferences. These proprietary code add-ons cover a wide variety of fields and features. SCS Cloud Bundles take your business software to the next level, optimizing your operations.


Even on the Cloud, invoices can be tricky. As each individual file piles up on your remote server, it’s difficult to zoom out on your finances and handle pressing financial transactions. For example, you might not realize that you’ve never been paid for a major project, or your customers might complain about receiving dozens of individual invoice emails. In short, with cluttered, complex digital invoicing, it can be nearly impossible to keep your accounts in order.

Our Consolidated Invoices For NetSuite Bundle is the key to streamlining and simplifying your books. This add-on allows you to sort and combine invoices by category, such as date, contract, billing address, location, and many others. In doing so, you can get a broad overview of your finances and handle your invoices appropriately. These can then be viewed, printed, or sent in our easy-to-use interface, so your company and your customers are all on the same page.

Consolidated Capabilities: Our Bundle’s Features

With our Consolidated Invoices For NetSuite Bundle, you can:

  • Roll up multiple invoices into one consolidated view. This allows you to take a good look at a particular account, location, due date, or any other category without rifling through dozens of files.
  • Automatically or manually run invoice consolidation. You can set the Bundle to consolidate certain types of invoices at regular intervals, so you can depend on them. Alternatively, you can run manual invoice consolidation to solve a specific problem or plan a particular strategy.
  • Accept payments for consolidated invoices. Let’s face it: you don’t want to deal with mounds of invoices, and neither do your clients. It’s much easier to receive the full amount you’re owed if you can submit a clean, clear, consolidated invoice. Our Bundle goes a step further by allowing you to accept payments in this form, as well.
  • Run Accounts Receivable Reporting by consolidated invoice. This makes your accountants’ jobs much easier and allows them to create more accurate projections so you can plan ahead.
  • Multiple Consolidated Invoice Printed Forms. This digital tool translates effortlessly onto paper so you can mail invoices and create vivid presentations of your consolidated invoice data.
  • Automatically email consolidated invoices. This feature saves valuable time and money while ensuring you never have to wonder: “did I remember to invoice that?”
  • Utilize custom invoice consolidation logic. At SCS Cloud, we recognize that every business is unique. If you need to combine and categorize your invoices in an individualized way, no problem! We can help you program your Bundle to pick out the exact invoices you want to include.

Key Benefits

Since our Consolidated Invoices Bundle is so customizable, each company will likely experience slightly different benefits. However, the general advantages offered by this add-on include:

  • Saved time and money on tedious invoicing processes.
  • A more productive finance team, since your accountants won’t constantly be cleaning up invoice messes.
  • Confidence that you’ve sent out the right invoices at the right time.
  • Improved financial strategy, due to the valuable information gathered by consolidating invoices and generating reports (such as Accounts Receivable) with these files.
  • Professional, printed consolidated invoices whenever you need them.
  • Cleaner cash flow, since you’ll have sent out the appropriate invoices and be able to accept larger, simpler, consolidated payments.
  • Enhanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other NetSuite functions, since this add-on fits perfectly into your existing software to improve it.
  • The flexibility to adjust your automated or manual consolidation as needed. This adaptability is key to keeping up with the rapid speed of modern business.

Here is a Case Study for a client where our Consolidated Invoices For NetSuite Bundle was implemented.

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