Emerging Website Trends

Unless you directly work with programming websites, you may not notice the changes that take place across the web.  Chances are, though you still notice an outdated website when you click on one -- something just seems “off” or “old” about it.

Since the appeal and functionality of a website are crucial to nearly every industry, here is a quick look at some of the emerging website trends, including our predictions.

Think of it as our website catwalk for fall/winter 2018/2019.

Minimalism is Still In

Websites used to cram in information--filling each page like a catalog or database.  Somewhere along the line, less became more. Pop-ups ads and recommendations may have been a great idea initially, but they soon became an annoyance-- “x”d out before even fully loading.

Now, websites should have:

  • A coherent design scheme,
  • Simple menus and navigation,
  • Prominent logos,
  • Easy views of links to other content (videos, blogs, cross-marketing, etc). 

With NetSuite, professional web designers and graphic designers make website templates elegant and appealing, while maintaining the potential for customization.

Effective Search Tools are Not Optional

While “google” may have become a verb, it does not mean that a customer wants to exit your site and use Google to find a particular page or item--and yet so many websites haven’t caught on to this trend, still having awkward or ineffective searching capabilities.

An easy-to-spot, easy-to-use search icon or search bar is crucial to any successful website. 

This one is not just a trend, it’s a requirement.  

Fortunately, NetSuite’s template websites have all been designed to include effective search tools, while maximizing SEO (search engine optimization) with outside search applications, such as Google.

National Boundaries will Not Exist for Business

The internet became the Great Information Resource, but soon after the Great Equalizer--all information, all products, all people, available through web access.

With that equalization has come a breaking down of national boundaries--one can communicate with or order a product from virtually any country, if you know how.

While language barriers, shipping, and currency still slow this evolution, the trend will continue--and businesses with NetSuite will be ready for it.  NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg recently stated, “Right now, NetSuite is operating in 199 countries, supporting 190 currencies and 24 languages. And we will only continue to grow from here. Not only are we expanding our global presence, we’ll also support more currencies, languages and localizations.” 

Businesses wishing to stay ahead of the trend will also need to accommodate differences in nationality.

Everything will become Mobile-friendly

According to recent research, adult Americans spend 59% of their computer time on their mobile devices, versus 41% on a desktop, but just 15% of their online spending dollars through mobile.

While that means that spending dollars are still relatively small through mobile devices, it’s an area that continues to grow.  For ecommerce, then, going mobile is a must.

For other industries, recognizing how much time potential clients and partners spend viewing websites on their phones may also make going-mobile a worthwhile goal.

With NetSuite, it is possible to custom develop a website to be mobile ready, operating seamlessly from desktop to cell phone to tablet.

SCS Cloud Does That

At SCS Cloud, we partner with you for business success.  

For most businesses, your website is a huge part of what you do.  If you want your clients, customers, suppliers, partners and team members to all have access to their interface with your cutting-edge, cloud-based, works-anywhere software, we can help you do that.  From setting up your ERP/CRM software to training and support to custom development, SCS Cloud does that.

Contact us to find out more.

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