D-Tools & NetSuite Integration: Automate Workflows and Sync Data

     If you're an AV, HVAC, or security company looking to integrate D-Tools with NetSuite, we've got the perfect product for you! 

     Whether you need to pull NetSuite's ERP or CRM data into D-Tools or push information from D-Tools into NetSuite, SCS Cloud's NetSuite experts can handle it all. 

How Does the D-Tools and NetSuite Integration Work? 

     Our D-Tools and NetSuite integration can benefit your company in many ways depending on the customer and project data you collect. It automates business processes typically done by employees, such as creating projects, setting up sales orders, adding new customers, and sync pricing updates.  

     Regardless of what data needs to pass through, our experienced cloud software developers connect D-Tools and Netsuite using an API-based integration. There are two ways D-Tools and NetSuite can work together: NetSuite can send data to D-Tools, or D-Tools can push its data to NetSuite for automated workflows. 

NetSuite to D-Tools

     NetSuite to D-Tools pushes data from NetSuite into D-Tools. With this integration option, sales teams can create estimates in NetSuite and have them automatically created as projects in D-Tools. Utilizing this connection keeps quotes between D-Tools and NetSuite linked together. Plus, NetSuite's CRM keeps track of prospects throughout the entire sales pipeline. 

D-Tools to NetSuite 

     The D-Tools to NetSuite integration has quite a few different functionalities, including: 

  • D-Tools approved project to NetSuite sales order - When projects are approved in D-Tools, it automatically generates a sales order in NetSuite. We can create custom fields to ensure all data flows smoothly. 
  • D-Tools change order to NetSuite sales order - When D-Tools receives an approved change order, it automatically updates the existing sales order in NetSuite. If needed, we can set up custom change order fields in NetSuite so the data is accurately passed through. 
  • Auto-generate new items when orders are created - If a new sales order is created in NetSuite with items that don't exist in the software yet, there's an option to auto-create them. Auto-creating the item includes default information such as item settings, accountings, and names, but we can customize it as needed. 
  • Auto-generate new customers with new orders - This optional add-on allows NetSuite to automatically create a record for new customers when a D-Tools order is sent to NetSuite. 
  • Sync item prices - If you have vendor pricing synced with D-Tools, we can push regular pricing updates to NetSuite, too. 
  • Shared file link to NetSuite - Do you store D-Tools project files on a shared drive? If you do, you can add a link to the files on incoming sales orders in NetSuite. This makes it easy for users to click the link and immediately be able to see all related D-Tools files. It's recommended to upload the files to Office365/Sharepoint to get the shareable link. 
  • Order sync dashboard - D-Tools to NetSuite includes a sync dashboard that shows recent orders. You can also manually trigger order syncs using the custom menu tab. 

Pros of D-Tools and NetSuite 

     D-Tools and NetSuite are both powerful software that excel in their core capabilities, but they're even stronger together. Integrating D-Tools and NetSuite makes it easier to manage your sales pipeline, keep track of orders, and view product updates right in NetSuite. 

     Some of our other favorite pros of D-Tools and NetSuite include: 

  • Reduces human error - automated workflows mean reduced human errors when entering sales orders, new customer records, updated sales prices, and order information. 
  • Better analytics and reporting - with fully integrated software, all the data analytics you view will be accurate, updated information.
  • Leads come through NetSuite - instead of switching between NetSuite to see new leads and D-Tools to set up projects and orders, everything will come through NetSuite! 
  • No technical knowledge is needed to start using the integration - if you're already familiar with how to use NetSuite and D-Tools, integrating the two won't require additional technical knowledge. (If you need NetSuite training, we offer that, too!) 

How Much Does D-Tools for NetSuite Cost? 

     Our D-Tools and NetSuite integration starts at $5,000 per year. There's also an implementation cost that varies depending on the complexity of your integrations.

What if I Only Have D-Tools? 

     If you've read through this information and are interested in the integration but you haven't onboarded NetSuite yet, we can help! We provide NetSuite implementation services for companies in every industry imaginable. There are many different NetSuite integration options, so we'll work with you to make sure the software is tailored to your business's needs. 

Ready to Integrate D-Tools with NetSuite? 

     Contact us today to schedule a free demo and see how the NetSuite and D-Tools integration works. We'll show you all the different ways they work together and answer any questions you have.

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