NetSuite Tutorial: Customer Record Sales Subtab

     Navigating records within NetSuite can be confusing at first, but it doesn't have to be! SCS Cloud is dedicated to making NetSuite as easy as possible to understand, so we created a series of NetSuite tutorials.  

     This tutorial (and video!) walk you through how to navigate the sales subtab in a customer record.

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What is the Sales Subtab? 

     Located in each customer record within NetSuite, the sales subtab shows information about your sales organization's work with the customer. You'll find it in the subtab section at the bottom of the screen when viewing a customer record. 

Clicking on the sales subtab from customer records within NetSuite. 

Navigating the Sales Subtab in Customer Records 

     The sales subtab is made up of many different kinds of information related to each customer. There are a few secondary subtabs to keep everything organized: opportunities, items purchased, upsell, qualifications, and gross profit by category. The secondary subtabs menu with customer records, showing items purchased, opportunities, upsell, qualifications, and gross profit by category. 

Secondary Sales Subtabs: 

  • Opportunities tab - shows a list of all opportunities with this customer in the form of opportunity records and allows you to add new opportunities. These records are a simple way to keep track of developing deals within NetSuite. Click the title of a record to view it. 
  • Items purchased tab - this tab keeps a record of all items purchased by the customer. It contains purchase information such as the name, quantity total, and unit price of each item the customer bought. It also shows the total of all purchases made. 
  • Upsell tab - contains a list of all of the items that can potentially be upsold to the customer. The left side shows the item purchased, while the next column shows the potential upsell item. 
  • Qualifications tab - this shows specific qualifications a customer meets, such as an approved purchase budget. 
  • Gross profit by category tab - shows the gross profit from this customer per category. For this data to accurately show up, each item does need to have the correct category attributed to it. 

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