NetSuite Tutorial: Customer Record Pricing Subtab

     NetSuite has a lot of different types of records. We know navigating NetSuite can be confusing, which is why we've put together a series of guides to help walk you through it! This tutorial (and video!) covers how to navigate NetSuite's customer record pricing subtab. 

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What is Netsuite's Customer Record Pricing Subtab? 

     The pricing subtab is part of NetSuite's subtab section located in the customer record. It keeps track of prices for every item, including information such as the transfer ship price, purchase price, average cost, and last purchase price. 

 You can navigate to the pricing subtab by clicking on "pricing" from the customer record. 

     The screenshot below shows what the pricing subtab typically looks like. Keep in mind that not every NetSuite system uses the same layout. If you're navigating to the pricing subtab within your own NetSuite account, it might look different. 

Navigating NetSuite's Pricing Subtab 

     Once you're in the pricing subtab, you'll see a few different sections: sales, shipping, and pricing. Each section contains different information that can be used to determine sales price, costs of shipping and handling, and bulk discounts. 

Sales Section 

  • Sales description - shows when the item is selected on sales transactions such as sales orders, invoices, or cash sales. 
  • Cost estimate - choose how the profit margin is estimated when the item is sold. 
  • Price per unit - this one is pretty self-explanatory, but it simply shows the price per unit for each item.
  • Minimum quantity - use this to set a forced minimum purchase quantity. 
The pricing subtab within NetSuite, showing information such as sales, quantity, list price, and discount prices. 

Shipping Section 

     The information you include in the shipping section is automatically included in shipping and packing cost calculations when the item is fulfilled from the warehouse. 

     This includes information such as:

  • Shipping weight 
  • Shipping and handling charges 
  • Item weight - if you know the shipping weight, include it here to automatically calculate shipping and handling charges. 
The shipping section in Netsuite's pricing subtab, showing item weight, shipping cost, and handling cost. 

Pricing Section 

     The pricing section contains details about bulk ordering, including: 

  • Bulk discount pricing table - this shows pricing for different bulk discounts. For example, the tutorial video above shows pricing for various quantities at 10%, 15%, and 5% discount levels. 
  • Quantity pricing schedule - set discounts offered for specific quantities here.
  • Pricing group 
The pricing section in NetSuite's pricing subtab, showing regular and discount pricing. 

Still Have Questions about Netsuite's Pricing Subtab? 

     If you watched this tutorial or read through the information above and still need help with NetSuite, contact SCS Cloud today. We have a team of NetSuite-certified consultants ready to help! 

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