Customer Life Cycle in NetSuite

A major advantage of a single platform meeting all of your computing needs comes down to a complete, a 360 degree service view of a customer--from lead and prospect, to customer and customer care.  NetSuite is the only cloud solution offering a seamless flow of information across the entire customer life cycle. 

Here’s a quick look at the customer life cycle in NetSuite, and how it enables businesses to better serve customers to generate expansion.

True Visibility

NetSuite’s toolbox offers unprecedented customer visibility--from financial information and transactional history, to back-office information such as inventory and customer care. This integrated approach minimizes time spent on administrative tasks and maximizes customer service satisfaction, which attracts both new customers and lowers service costs.

Unlike other computing solutions, NetSuite’s CRM+ (customer relationship management plus) allows for everyone who interfaces with the customer to access and update complete customer data in real time -- sales, support, service and fulfillment, all on one platform.

  • Aligned marketing - NetSuite’s marketing automation software makes the entire marketing process smooth, customizable, and fully integrated with sales efforts.
  • Intelligent sales - Empowered with complete, real-time data, sales close, upsells and cross-sells occur intelligently, all maximizing growth.
  • Rapid support - From self-serve smart support to integrated support tracking, customer or client interaction is swift and efficient.
  • Excellent service - Automated parameters for case escalation and full case tracking, as well as billable service tracking, make the NetSuite service tools a complete package for all aspects of customer service.
  • Accurate fulfillment - With a seamless front and back-office functionality, inventory updates occur in real-time, purchase orders or sales quotes convert with a single click, and fulfillment occurs accurately.

What’s more, all of these features in NetSuite are fully customizable--you set the parameters for case escalation, choose to utilize customer (or business partner) self-serve portals, name customer pricing or upsell recommendations based on your criteria, etc.  

While NetSuite allows for automation of features, it also empowers every user to make the platform a unique experience, best suited to individual needs.

Unprecedented Prediction

NetSuite empowers businesses of every size with the kind of analytics and business intelligence (BI) previously only available to mega-corporations, to grow their businesses at unprecedented levels, while maximizing ROI.

On a user level that empowerment occurs through key performance indicators (KPI’s), data forecasting, customizable dashboards, and real-time visibility.   For example, not only can management set goals and quotes based on accurate forecasting tools, but an individual sales team member can calculate commissions based on sales predictions, view live leads at any step in the pipeline, and drill down into customer data--right from the user dashboard.

That real-time forecasting increases accuracy, but also employee engagement.

NetSuite believes that when you empower every team member, you maximize business potential and growth.

Like every feature in NetSuite, forecasting is customizable--you can fine-tune forecasting accuracy by creating forecast categories and entering a sales range for each open deal.

ECommerce Enabled

ECommerce in the United States is growing at rates up to 3 times higher than the growth rate of the industry in general, and expected to continue to do so.  

With NetSuite, all aspects of the customer life cycle are managed in a single platform: website, marketing communications, the online experience, inventory management, 3rd-party vendor communication management and more.  NetSuite allows for self-service and automation of many aspects of your ecommerce business, and then puts alerts, important insight, key statistics and other needed information right where you need it, to manage that automation.

Expand Customer Base with NetSuite

Want to find out more about what NetSuite can do to streamline your sales and customer care experience, enhance service, and boost your bottom line?  Contact us to find out more.

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