This installment of our NetSuite Tutorial teaches you how to create custom reminders in NetSuite.


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NetSuite Tutorial - NetSuite: 101


     Welcome to NetSuite. In this video, we will be covering how to use custom search with the reminders portlet. 

     If the reminders already in NetSuite do not meet your needs, you can create your own reminders and add them to the reminders portlet. Each reminder is based on a saved search. To setup a new saved search click on CUSTOMERS, OTHER, SAVED SEARCHES and then NEW. This may be different for your particular NetSuite system. This will allow you to select from a list, the type of record you would like to create the new reminder for. 

     We will be creating a reminder that will tell us when a new customer is added to our sales region. To do this we will create a customer search. The search title is the name of the search, this will appear as the reminder name in the reminders portlet. To make this search show up in the reminders portlet make sure the box titled AVAILABLE FOR REMINDERS is checked. 

     The Criteria tab is where we can select the criteria we want to search for. In this case we will select STATE/PROVINCE. A new popup window will now display giving use more options. We want this search to include all addresses in Iowa. To do this will start typing the country name into the search box and a list of all states will be shown. We will select United States - Iowa. Once this is filled out press SET. More search criteria can be added by selecting another field from the dropdown. We will add a date created filter to show only those records added in the last day.

     The Results subtab is used to specify how the information from this search will be displayed. New columns can be added by selecting a new item from the bottom. We will select ZIP CODE. Items can be reordered by selecting the item and dragging and dropping to a new location. Once all information is added press SAVE. 

     We will now navigate back to the homepage to view the reminder. In the reminders, portlet hover over the menu and click SET UP. From the left-hand side select the new search. In this case, "New Customer in Region". Click the search or drag and drop it to move it to the right. The portlet will now refresh with the new search shown. 

     This concludes our video on setting up Custom Reminders. Thanks for watching.

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