NetSuite Consolidated Invoicing Bundle

     Out-of-the-box NetSuite doesn't have a great way to handle consolidated invoicing, so we decided to build our own at SCS Cloud. Our experienced NetSuite development team created a bundle that's scalable and flexible for customers that need consolidated invoicing as a functionality.

Consolidating Invoices in NetSuite 

     Our custom consolidated invoice bundle for NetSuite makes it easy to consolidate invoices within NetSuite. The default bundle contains a lot of functionalities the regular version of NetSuite doesn't have. That said, we can also customize this bundle to fit your specific needs! 

     You can roll up customer invoices into a single consolidated invoice, which can be printed or emailed automatically to the customer. 

 The Consolidated Invoices for NetSuite Bundle allows you to:

  • Roll Up Multiple Invoices to One Consolidated View
  • Automatically or Manually Run Invoice Consolidation
  • Accept Payments for Consolidated Invoices
  • Run Accounts Receivable Reporting by Consolidated Invoice
  • Multiple Consolidated Invoice Printed Forms
  • Automatically Email Consolidated Invoices
  • Custom Invoice Consolidation Logic

     The consolidated invoices feature is a custom record type we created within NetSuite. You can access it from your main NetSuite dashboard under transactions > sales > consolidate customer invoices.      Accessing the consolidated customer invoices menu by clicking through transactions and sales. 

     Once you click into the record type, you'll see all of your customers and the number of open invoices they have. From here, you can choose which invoices you want to consolidate from a customer level.  

How to Consolidate Invoices: 

  • Check the open checkbox next to the customer's invoices you want to consolidate 
  • Click submit at the top of the screen 
  • This creates a custom record that consolidates all of the customer's invoices into one! 

     You can consolidate invoices by combining line items per product or keeping all products separate. You can also consolidate invoices for all child customers under a single parent customer, consolidate all invoices of a specific time or date, or select the specific invoices individually.

Submitting a consolidated invoice in NetSuite.

Consolidate Some Invoices, But Not All of Them: 

     If a customer has 10 invoices but you only want to consolidate three of them, you can do that too! Here's how. 

  • Search for the customer's name in the "Customer" filter 
  • Check the "display individual invoices" box 
  • Click search. Now, you'll see each individual invoice for the customer you searched
  •  Check the invoices you want to consolidate. You'll see a list of invoices and empty checkboxes in the "consolidate" column. Only check off the ones you want to consolidate. 
  • Click submit 
How to consolidate some invoices in NetSuite, but checking off multiple invoice boxes.

Automated NetSuite Invoice Consolidation

     While both methods mentioned above are manual processes, they can be automated! We can set up business rules and logic to automate consolidated invoicing, whether you need all customer invoices to be automated each month or another type of criteria. 

     For the purposes of this tutorial video, we're going to continue going through everything manually, but we wanted to mention that it is possible to automate everything we're going through. 

Viewing Consolidated Invoice Records in NetSuite 

     Once you've consolidated invoices in any of the ways mentioned above, you can view the newly consolidated record. The screenshot below shows what this record looks like. The record of a consolidated invoice in NetSuite. 

     If needed, we can adjust the fields shown on the consolidated invoice record. The default information of consolidated invoice records include:

  • Consolidated invoice number 
  • When the record was created or modified 
  • What invoices make up the consolidated invoice 
  • Subtotal across all consolidated invoices 
  • PDF templates that can be used externally (these can be customized as needed, too!) as seen in the screenshot below.

Sample consolidated invoice PDF that can be shared externally with clients, showing all relevant information from the consolidated invoice. 

     Email the consolidated invoice straight from NetSuite by clicking the send email button at the top of the consolidated invoice screen. 

Accepting Payment on a Consolidated Invoice 

     When you click the accept payment button on the consolidated invoice record, it will use the native payment functionalities of NetSuite to receive the funds. It automatically pulls in the customer name and total outstanding amount. 

     You can accept all payments in full, which would close out the invoices, or accept partial or discounted payments here. 

Need Help Consolidating NetSuite Invoices? Contact Us Today! 

     Over the years of implementing NetSuite we have created many custom solutions for specific clients. We've collected these add-ons for NetSuite and present them to you as SCS Cloud Bundles which have been installed by hundreds of NetSuite users worldwide.

     Our NetSuite bundles have been coded and developed in-house and can quickly and easily be installed or customized onto your NetSuite platform by one of our senior developers.

     If you're running into issues with consolidated invoices and would like to speak with us about our consolidated invoices bundle or another bundle, email us to schedule a free consultation.

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