Companies Who Use NetSuite

More than 40,000 companies, businesses, subsidiaries, and nonprofits are using NetSuite all around the globe. They are streamlining key business actions, empowering employees, and expanding like never before.

Here’s a spotlight on just a few NetSuite-powered companies — to inspire you in ways that may galvanize your business to reach the next level.

Modernizing a Disruptor with DocuSign

Portable fax machines, “car phones,” text-enabled pagers, even the internet itself — the ability to complete important work at a distance has been a vital driving force in advancing all forms of technology.  

Enter DocuSign, a company named by NBC as a market disruptor for exponential growth, particularly for its innovation in the real estate market — where agents and buyers can safely and securely complete multi-step legal tran0.sactions remotely.

Despite its cloud-based innovative technology, DocuSign ran into bottlenecks when it relied on cumbersome onsite software for key business operations. After considering their options, DocuSign signed with NetSuite. Now completely cloud-based, NetSuite reports about DocuSign, “With its business streamlined, DocuSign can leverage NetSuite for future improvements. The visibility the company has into currency conversions gives it new confidence in its calculations, and being a 100 percent cloud-based business lends more weight to its own cloud-based products.”

Going Global with Williams-Sonoma

American-based Williams-Sonoma, Inc is a trusted multi-channel home retailer, and they wanted to expand to the nation-continent down under, Australia.  

With a process as selective as one would expect from such a beautiful and established brand, they selected NetSuite SuiteCommerce as the platform for its global expansion. Four websites and brands were launched, along with the first stores outside North America for Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and West Elm. They used NetSuite ERP and CRM capabilities to manage everything from order and inventory management to reconciliation and financial reporting.

The partnership and launch have gone excellently, with high returns and more brick-and-mortar stores planned in the near future.

Jumping Ahead with Aspire Food Group

If the idea of crickets for dinner doesn’t sound all that appealing, consider this:

  1. It’s common — Over 1,000 species of insect are eaten in more than 80% of the world.
  2. It’s economical — Growing insects takes far fewer resources than other common proteins, such as chicken or beef.
  3. It’s close to home — More locations around the US have started carrying Aspire’s insects for food. Atlanta’s Phillip’s Arena (home to the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks) and Safeco Field (home to MLB’s Seattle Mariners) are already grilling up Aspire’s roasted crickets.

What’s more, if Aspire Food Group’s founders meet their objectives, eating insects could very well solve world hunger!  

With plans to fully automate growing and harvesting, and NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess as their platform, the innovative food company has been growing at rates much faster than anticipated.

So even if you have yet to make plans to eat crickets for dinner, you could at least pick up a roasted handful at your next ball game.

Comfortable eCommerce With LoveSac

LoveSac provides customizable furniture, including sectionals and beanbag chairs, that you can easily modify and reconfigure. Before NetSuite, the company relied on spreadsheets and QuickBooks for its financials, which became increasingly challenging as it grew. 

To address these issues, Lovesac implemented NetSuite’s cloud-based business management software, which provided the company with a unified platform to manage its inventory and order processing. LoveSac also turned to NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform to launch an online store. 

Since the switch, LoveSac has reportedly seen improved inventory visibility, streamlined order processing, and increased efficiency. They’ve also expanded their product lines and opened new retail locations more easily. Overall, LoveSac credits NetSuite with helping them manage their growth and scale their business effectively. 

Strategic Growth With Rachio

Rachio, a company that makes smart sprinkler controllers for residential and commercial customers, was growing rapidly, but its existing inventory and financial management systems weren’t scalable and lacked integration. This made it difficult to manage their business effectively and led to inventory shortages and shipping delays.

By providing an integrated platform for inventory and financial management, streamlined order processing, and eCommerce capabilities, NetSuite helped Rachio manage its growth effectively and focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. As a result, Rachio has reduced its lead times by up to 60%, which has helped improve its customer satisfaction levels. 

This case illustrates how systems like NetSuite can help companies overcome common growth challenges. 

Scalable Growth With PayScale

PayScale, a compensation management platform, was experiencing significant growth, but its existing systems for managing finances and billing weren’t scalable enough to handle the company’s expansion. Plus, their limited reporting capabilities made it challenging to analyze their data and make informed business decisions. In turn, PayScale turned to NetSuite to overcome these issues. 

NetSuite's advanced reporting capabilities helped PayScale access real-time data, generate insights, and analyze its financial performance, ultimately leading to smarter business decisions. This allowed them to identify areas where they could reduce costs and optimize their resources, resulting in increased profitability and growth.

NetSuite also helped PayScale to improve its customer experience by providing a seamless billing process that allowed them to quickly and easily manage their payments. Not to mention, the software integrated seamlessly with PayScale's existing systems, which made the implementation process smooth and efficient.

Use NetSuite to Reach New Height

Whether you’re a market disruptor in your field, an innovator in your area, or just aiming to take your business to the next level, NetSuite offers cloud computing solutions to take you there.

Streamline inefficiencies between the front and back office functions, replace legacy software, and automate administrative tasks (invoicing, marketing, payroll, supply chain management, and more). With Oracle + NetSuite innovation, you’ll have a fully-customizable computing platform to grow with you.

At SCS Cloud, we specialize in partnering in your long-term growth. Your success is ours! Contact us to learn how we can help you soar to new heights in cloud computing with NetSuite.

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