While NetSuite is designed to be intuitive, with a look and feel that operates similarly to software programs, email and applications you have been using for years, there can still be a bit of a learning curve.  As we support customers throughout the entire process, from inquiry to installation and beyond, we see some of the same types of NetSuite support questions.

Here is a simple common sense guide to some of the most frequent support issues.

Getting Started

As with any new system, there are some users who get nervous even logging in and “clicking around.”  Things look different than the last ERP system you used, and menu tabs, procedures, and other details of action tend to be slightly different.

Fortunately, NetSuite is highly customizable.  But before you even get to the customization stage, how do you get started?

As with other programs, you will need a username to login, as set up by a system administrator.  That administrator will have also assigned you to a preconfigured user role, based on your position and functions.  So, when you open NetSuite as a customer service representative, it won’t look the same as a sales team manager, a controller, or as a customer logging in to their page.  

System administrators also can reconfigure NetSuite pages, dashboards and other functions for specific users.

It’s also important to note that, since NetSuite is a cloud-based system, nothing is stored on your local computer. That means, you can’t mess NetSuite up.  You can safely click around, try something, search out a function, etc.  The organizational data within NetSuite will not be lost, tainted or otherwise contaminated by your clicking. Anything you reorganize can be put back to the standard user profile.  You have access to just the data needed for your user role, without fear of “messing up” anyone else’s data.

NetSuite provides a completely safe environment for learning and trying out features or functions, and then you can save the searches, reports or features that worked for you.

Many common support questions revolve around, “Will it mess up our system if I…?”  The answer is always, “No. Go ahead and try it.”

Customization of Dashboards and Reporting

Other common support questions revolve around setting up a dashboard to contain the pages, external links, reports and statistics needed for any given position.  

For these types of questions if “clicking around” doesn’t lead you to what you are looking for, you have two great resources:

  • Internal expertise - Smaller companies may appoint someone, larger organizations tend to have at least one full-time person for this, but you should have an internal person with some level of NetSuite expertise. This person will have generally been involved in the NetSuite process throughout implementation, having received additional NetSuite training along the way.
  • Internet-based support - NetSuite is used by more than 40,000 businesses, companies or organizations all around the world. As a result, many instructional sheets and videos have been created to help provide user support.  Many of these are accessible through simple internet searches by user role, procedure, page or other search criteria.

Many user questions get answered through one of those two simple methods.

More Advanced Support

If the “hunt and click” solution, internal expertise or internet-based searching do not result in the assistance needed, advanced support is readily available.  

At SCS Cloud, we support our clients throughout implementation, integration, training and beyond.  We ensure that you and your team have the level of knowledge you need to make the most out of your NetSuite experience, plus have access to many other resources to help you continue your training and knowledge advancement.

Contact us to answer your NetSuite questions.

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